Anyone remember the Railway Club - Wilford Lane

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Dad was a guard with LMS railways. Regularly used to walk up Traffic Street and across Wilford Rd to the railway sheds to meet him after work.

A big thing though was the Railway Club Sunday afternoons. Whole family - eight, would walk down Queens Drive in our Sunday best, along the Embankment to Spenii, cross the river into West Bridgeford. and then right along the river to a pathway behind the big houses. The Railway Club was one of them. There were a few boats tied up on the river to the right of the pathway.

The club was a big house in it's own grounds. Lots of room for us kids to run around. I think the second floor had a few snooker tables and dart boards set up. There were a few function rooms available to members at minimal cost - Sister had her 21st there in 1963. We didn't go there every Sunday, prob once a month at least. Even though we would have just had a big Sunday dinner, do remember them doing nice sausage rolls. No fizzy drinks back then, parents drank beer and us kids had cups of tea out of a big urn that always seemed to be on the go.


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Yes I remember the BRSA club on Wilford Lane as one of the better bits to follow nationalization was sports facilities for ALL the staff, not just the salaried section! With another fireman,Derek Bacon, we & others resurrected the LMR Rifle club with rifles & equipment provided by the BRSA. As secretary I was on the committee which bought No.32 Wilford Lane, the chairman was Dvr. Ted Croll but the rest of the "officials"were from the salaried grade. It proved very popular with all ranks with a full house at weekends and particularly on 'matchdays'. I lived this side of Trent Bridge and like Alison enjoyed the walk along the Embankment, over Speni and the path behind the "Plaisance Yacht Club" (long gone!) and into the back gate, Happy memories. The photos show how it looked then and the original lounge.

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The interior photo is fascinating, Albert. You aren't going to like what follows........


On 7/25/2018 at 6:20 PM, denshaw said:

It's now a church.

Was a church, den.


By coincidence, I was in that area only a couple of weeks ago and it now looks like this. It's about to be demolished and apartments built on the site.


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Sign of the times Cliff, I bet there'll be a dozen or more houses squeezed on the site as some of those Victorian houses do occupy some land. The height of the ceilings don't make for economy when turned into flats, sorry, apartments! 

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