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Paul and I are both 73 but he's 2 months older than me. We have some good friends who are in their late seventies and others who are youngsters in their thirties. I've stopped worrying about gettin

Not shy, 66 but have felt more like 76 in recent weeks! Edit that. Felt more like 96 .......,

this year 71 years old, its took 70 years but just feel this year is my lifes beginning, feel like i am 40 again, diet, exercise you cannot beat it.

Re 122.

When we were younger though Cliff. I'm not sure we paid that much attention to older folks. What I would think of now as middle aged was just old to me then' I think lifestyle has so much to do with it. We owned a cellphone store a few years ago and when folks wanted to sign up we had to do a credit check which involved asking quite a few questions. Age was one of them. Some folks we would have guessed at 70s+ turned out to be only fifty something. Others we would guess at 50+ turned out to be in their 70s. I think in our parents and grandparents days the cause of aging was pretty standard. The war and tough working conditions tended to affect them all the same way.

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It's odd.

I know how old I am. I'm 67.

Yet I've only started to feel old(er) since people started treating me differently.

It was subtle at first, but I gradually noticed people giving way, or just being that bit more 'respectful' around me.

It's nice in a way. But it's also a bit worrying..

Before I know it, they'll probably be asking if I've 'been' :)


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Nice post Loppy!

Maybe I'm just boring or analytical... but i scrutinise photographs on here..especially ones in my lifetime and ponder- where the heck time has gone?

The closing of Vic Station..i picture as if yesterday... dashing down to Arkwright st.Station with my late Father,I was in the Design Centre when he fetched me/just put my hand under the rubber mat of a photocopy machine..went across with it in my hand.

Whistling Colonel Bogey coming out of the Cavvo cinema.

They don't show old films today..gotta join some trendy Kino joint!

Even teenage years and dating etc..The Human League are now a lifetime ago-

Steve Miller was pretty near the mark:

'Time keeps on slippin'.

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I'd sit in the front room on Southglade Rd, Bestwood Est.

Probs around early 60's

Back then the locals would process down the street on their way to the Deerstalker for a Sunday evening drink.

Obviously it was 'Sunday Best' back then. Even adolescent kids like me did that then.

The locals would look over every hedge.. Not 'nosey', but interested. What roses were there, and how were the Auricula's looking.

My Dad had a few nice roses.

It really was a different world.

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When this thread was started I didn't think it would go much past one page and here we are at seven! obviously an interesting topic to many. The very nature of time is puzzling to me. When I was a kid and I was told we would be going to Skeggy in three weeks it seemed like a lifetime. As I age three weeks seems more like three minutes. I'm in my seventies now but I can still be any age inside and often seem to live internally in my teens. Remembering the sixties music. Doing a bit of electrical work for an uncle and him telling me I would probably be doing this for fifty years. I remember it like yesterday, but can't remember where I parked the car when I went in a store.

I suppose that's why we've all gravitated to Nottstalgia. I would not go back to being sixteen though even if I could. I've come too far now.

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