Beeston Grub.

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Many years ago my late Father mentioned a place for subsidised meals at a 'Civic Restaurant' in Beeston.. maybe on Station Rd?

Meals were plain,but nourishing and cheap.He indicated that it was similar to state run restaurants in the east,any information or knowledge?


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I wonder if this would have been one of the British Restaurants which were set up during the war years? My father came from Beeston and I don't recall him mentioning it but I believe they were for people who had suffered bomb damage mainly. I do recall my mother mentioning a similar establishment on Bridlesmith Gate.

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Is it just me or does the picture on #3 remind you of many of the canteens at the local Nottinghamshire collieries? I guess given the time frame, post nationalisation, the building style was pretty common in the late 40's and early 50's

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The building is still there, or was until recently.

It's on the east side of Station Rd, between Queens Rd, and Middle St.

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