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Yes i remember Mrs Mills iremember she played a song about a jewel box dancer can not remember the exact name heard it many times on the radio   Another two pianists comedians were Flannders

Happy memories of the ''King brothers'''.........Aunts in the 50s/60s loved singing all the 'beverley sisters'' stuff,,,,,,and my lovely Uncles were also always singing,,,and the ''King brothers''' we

So follow me, follow down to the hollow and there let us wallow in glorious mud!

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Mmmmmmmm now u r testing me it was either Patricia Hayes or the irish fella?


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David Kelly was the irish guy. Patricia Hayes was definately in it, dont think she was called Edna then,but you are quite correct she was a brilliant actress,she also starred in Til Death Us Do Part,do you know if she's still alive? Ive lost touch living in Oz


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David Kelly was the irish guy. Patricia Hayes was definately in it, dont think she was called Edna then,but you are quite correct she was a brilliant actress,she also starred in Til Death Us Do Part,do you know if she's still alive? Ive lost touch living in Oz


Dermot Kelly was his Tramp Sidekick.

<Full details of the program are here>

Other cast and details...


Arthur Haynes

Nicholas Parsons - (series 1-9, 11-13 & special)

Ken Morris - (series 1-3, 6 & 7, 9 & 10)

Joan Savage - (series 1 & 2, 9 & 10)

Malcolm Goddard - (series 1)

Lucille Map - (series 2)

Aileen Cochrane - (series 4-7)

Freddie Frinton - (series 4 & 5)

Joe 'Mr Piano' Henderson - (series 4, 5 & 11)

Leslie Noyes - (series 6-15 & special)

Dorothy Dampier - (series 7)

Teddy Johnson - (special & series 8)

Pearl Carr - (special & series 8)

Tony Fayne - (series 10, 14 & 15)

Dermot Kelly - (series 11-15)

Patricia Hayes - (series 13-15)

Michael Henry - (series 13-15)

Rita Webb - (series 13 & 14)

Audrey Nicholson - (series 13)


Johnny Speight - Writer (140)

Johnny Speight - Writer (6)

Johnny Johnson - Writer (6)

Michael Keen - Writer (6)

John Law - Writer (12)

Bill Craig - Writer (12)

Dicky Leeman - Director (58)

Peter Glover - Director (28)

Francis Essex - Director (21)

Colin Clews - Director (20)

Bill Stewart - Director (16)

Stephen Wade - Director (6)

Josephine Douglas - Director (3)

Dinah Thetford - Director (3)

Bill Lyon-Shaw - Director (1)

Albert Locke - Director (1)

Jon Scoffield - Director (1)

Dicky Leeman - Producer (53)

Colin Clews - Producer (35)

Peter Glover - Producer (28)

Alan Tarrant - Producer (16)

Josephine Douglas - Producer (6)

Stephen Wade - Producer (6)

Albert Locke - Producer (5)

Bill Stewart - Producer (4)

Dinah Thetford - Producer (3)

Bill Lyon-Shaw - Producer (1)

Jon Scoffield - Producer (1)

Transmission Details

Number of episodes: 158 Length: 95 x 30 mins · 62 x 35 mins · 1 x 50 mins

Series One (12 x 30 mins) 2 Jan-5 June 1957, fortnightly Wed 9.30pm

Series Two (7 x 30 mins) 18 Sep-11 Dec 1957, fortnightly Wed 10pm

Series Three (2 x 30 mins) 12 Dec & 19 Dec 1958, Fri 10.15pm

Series Four (16 x 30 mins) 6 Mar-19 June 1959, mostly Fri 10.15pm

Series Five (6 x 30 mins) 14 Sep-19 Oct 1959, Mon 8pm then 7pm

Series Six (8 x 30 mins) 21 Mar-25 Apr 1960;

13 June & 20 June 1960, Mon 8pm

Series Seven (16 x 30 mins) 15 Sep-29 Dec 1960, Thu 8pm

Special (50 mins) 18 Mar 1961, Sat 7.40pm

Series Eight (6 x 30 mins) 30 Mar-4 May 1961, Thu 8pm

Series Nine (6 x 30 mins) 16 Sep-25 Nov 1961, fortnightly Sat 9.30pm

Series Ten (16 x 30 mins) 3 Feb-19 May 1962, Sat 7.40pm then 7.25pm

Series Eleven (21 x 35 mins) 8 Dec 1962-27 Apr 1963, Sat 8.25pm

Series Twelve (13 x 35 mins) 4 Jan-28 Mar 1964, Sat 8.25pm

Series Thirteen (13 x 35 mins) 10 Oct 1964-2 Jan 1965, Sat mostly 8.25pm

Series Fourteen (9 x 35 mins) 20 Nov 1965-15 Jan 1966, Sat 8.25pm

Series Fifteen (6 x 35 mins) 26 Mar-30 Apr 1966, Sat mostly 8.35pm

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<The Times, November 20, 1966>


Mr. Arthur Haynes, who died on Saturday at the age of 52, was a

comedian whose success was due rather to the native drollery of his

personality than to the undoubted skill with which he worked. The son

of a baker, he had been a bus conductor and was a railway man when he

first began to appear in public, earning 1s. 3d. a song as a public

house entertainer. From public house singing he graduated into a Forces

entertainer and later joined the team with which Mr. Charlie Chester

was presenting his radio show, Stand Easy .

The public first seemed to notice something novel in Arthur Haynes's

style when, 10 years ago, he was appearing on television in Strike a

New Note , and by 1960 he had succeeded to the point at which, in

offerng a three-year contract for 75,000, Associated Television made

him one of the most highly paid of British artists.

In 1961 he won the Variety Club of Great Britain award and was elected

Television Personality of the Year. He played at the London Palladium

for the first time in 1963, in Swing Along , a sucess interrupted by

illness, and in 1964 he went to Hollywood to play against Miss Gina

Lollobrigida - possibly the most improbable of partnerships in Strange

Bedfellows . His extremely English style was as successful on American

television, in The Ed Sllivan Show, as it was in England, where he had

recently completed his first major film role in Doctor in Clover .

With a new series of television shows due soon to be seen, he was

playing in cabaret at the Grosvenor Hotel up to the time of his sudden


Arthur Haynes appealed to the anarchist hidden inside all respectable

members of society, to whom, perhaps, his activities offered a safety

valve. His bemedalled tramp, Oscar Pennyfeather convinced the world tat

this tramp's life, his ribald rejection of convention, his total lack

of respect for the authorities he arrogantly dismissed, was normality.

It was the hard-working conventional everyman who seemed suddenly to

become ridiculously abnormal.


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I can't Remember this? :(

1968? :blink:

I must have had something more Pressing on my mind? :huh:

Ahh! :D I know, I had just discovered Girls... :rolleyes:

And it was the ruination of you............right? :blink:

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