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Does anyone have any information about Silverdale House which was, many years ago, a children's home cum orphanage on Imperial Road in Beeston. I believe it dated back to Victorian times and my paternal grandfather was placed here after the death of his mother in 1893.

I believe it later became a care home but has been rebuilt entirely.

Often meant to look into it but have never been able to find much of relevance to the period in question and Nottingham Archives had nothing when asked.

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#3 Brilliant, Cliff Ton!

Although some years ago, I recall reading an article in the Nottingham Evening Post by Julie Leek, which showed part of Silverwood House building,the time period to which she was referring was much later than the time when my paternal grandfather was placed in the orphanage.

I note that the earlier article refers to the children who were accepted initially having one parent still living. My paternal grandfather, although he had lost his mother, still had a living father who had actually emigrated to Canada but who may not have told the Guardians of the orphanage of his intentions. My paternal grandfather was the child of his father's second wife and the eldest son from his first marriage was placed in the Gordon Boys' Home on the death of my paternal grandfather's mother in 1893.

These records are held by Nottingham Archives but are closed to public view for a period of 100 years although an assistant very kindly abstracted the information I was looking for relating to my grandfather's older half-brother. It was stated there, also, that the surviving parent was expected to pay towards the child's upkeep. Since my great grandfather subsequently left the country, I doubt he contributed towards the keep of either child!

My grandfather was rescued from the orphanage by relatives of his mother after a few weeks but carried a chip on his shoulder for the rest of his life, displaying a hatred of his father for his actions.

The article has certainly shed some light on the establishment's early days.

Many thanks!

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