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Apparently the Vic Centre staff have known for a few years that there was a pile of documents but didn't think to have a closer look until recently.  It could so easily have been classed as 'quantity of waste paper causing fire hazard' and dumped or recycled.  Luckily someone realised it was of historical value.

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The city centre when Victoria was still operating - the mass of buildings on the right.  

.....and a few more. Who can forget the stairs leading down to Great Central island platforms?!     The Signalbox                

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This just appeared on LNER Society Group on Facebook. It should be here. Ex GC Robinson 4-6-0 in Nottingham Victoria. Unfortunately I don't know one Robinson 4-6-0 from the other with the exception of Immingham Class. Someone can perhaps enlighten.



While I am at it and I don't know whether I have posted this on here before: B17 'Footballer' 2866 Nottingham Forest in Nottingham Victoria. 1936. A photo I bought at a train and toy fair years ago. Another Robinson loco in the background on this.



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 @ThePianoman: your first photograph shows a B8 (LNER classification) 4-6-0 wheel arrangement built 1913-1915. I think only a couple made it to nationalisation & they didn’t last long.


    In the other photograph the Robinson locomotive is a C4 (LNER classification) 4-4-2 wheel arrangement built 1903-1906. A few made it to nationalisation, again they didn’t last long and we’re gone by early fifties.


   Some completely useless information: Robinson was first choice locomotive superintendent by the newly formed LNER. He turned it down due to his age and Nigel Gresley got the job.

 In the late 1930’s the Great Central was going to be electrified to London.

However, a certain gentleman decided to invade Poland. The plan was put on the back burner, after the war the railways were on their knees and the government decided to keep open pits they were going to close before the war, sanctioning the building of more steam locomotives. Giving Riddles the job of building new maintenance friendly steam locomotives that were basically obsolete before they were up and running.

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Thanks for that. I am aware that Robinson was offered the job of CME for the LNER. He is reputedly supposed to have replied "You had better give the job to that Mr Gresley".

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