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Think most famous lift in Nottingham was Coop House one...........I was lift man for a couple of hours back in the 90s......loved it...............''going-up'' ?

                 ''Ladies underwear''............or even ........''.going down''.................LOL.

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Have only actually worked for 5 or 6 companys in over 50 years Ian...........but was always up for travel and different roles within the company's,and enjoyed it all.............

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Hi folks, I'm back. Had problems with the old tablet, then got involved with work and doing jobs at home so didn't get time to get on the site. Now I'm on vacation for a few well earned the tablet sorted but forgot my password,durr, now just reset it and back up and running again. Hope you're all fine and looking forward to Christmas, methinks that they should start the countdown earlier so that people don't forget.they seem to have left it till at least a week before bonfire night this year. About Easter time would be about right,anyone else agree/disagree?

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On 8/21/2016 at 7:33 PM, Guest said:

Was Otis lifts on Arkwright Street?- seem to recall visiting there as a child,Ian.

Otis used to have a small, local office on St Peters Church Walk, just behind the church.

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On 8/21/2016 at 10:15 PM, NewBasfordlad said:

Otis though a world wide American company did have their UK headquarters in Leicester and still do I believe.

Years ago Otis had a very big manufacturing place in Liverpool but company structural changes meant it had to close and they had to use crap made in France! They transferred UK HQ to Leicester when they took over Evans Lifts on Abbey Lane.

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