Reliant car/van sales dealers.

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Dave P is correct. Ted Brefitt owned the garage- Newcastle Filling Station, with Ernest Dench. Eventually, Teds son, also called Ted took over, and if I remember correctly, the final fine up when they closed was Ted Brefitt jr, Graham (his son), and David (Ernest Dench's son).

 All the Brefitts were competent motorcycle trials riders, the elder Ted though (J E Brefitt), was one of the top runners in the day, and had works contracts with both Norton, and Douglas motorcycles and various times.

 I remember them being agents for Reliant, Bond, and Kia.

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Before Embassy Tyres moved a friend of mine Charlie Kemp sold used cars there i think he bought them from the scapyard patched them up and sold them.Every time he sold one he would say THE SNIP OF THE WEEK SOLD TO THE TWIT OF WEEK.I remember a petrol station on the same side of the road looked very modern in the early 60s can not remember the name or brand of petrol they sold,i remember being pulled over by a policeman on motor bike for speeding at the petol station it was very expensive £6 i recall lol.

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Does anyone remember the butchers  across the road from the commodore nottingham side of Melbourne Rd.I think the name is Bainbridges their son was in the same class as me at PCFE mvmr in 1964 i think his first is Ken,he was an apprentice mechanic and also the shop still there now.

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