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Used to think,people who didn't like Sport wer'nt quite normal........changed my mind this last few years,........just lost interest,never thought I couldn't really be bothered about the Olympics,.......yes it was nice to see team GB win lots of Medals,but just not the same as when we had,..Coe,Ovett,Foster,Elliott,Rand,Peters ETC,........Cricket.......played into my 50s could name every player in every Test country,could'nt name hardly any now,think too many Test Matches now and don't like the one-day slogs...........Boxing......whatever your thoughts on was/is the ultimate where one man slugs it out toe to toe with another,and it still is,but the stupid bragging and verbal abuse before a fight is just demeaning to the once great sport,and the fans at fights used to understand the Art of Pugilism,not now they are worse than the 70s football yobs,......and yes finally Football,the game I really loved and played till nearly 40..........England will never be a power in the game again,just too many foreign players in our leagues and Managers,to say nowt of owners,money rules i'm afraid,ive recently been involved in a work capacity with Ametuer football and have been disgusted at the behavior of some of them,...............there got it off me chest.....never thought i'd say such things,having loved Sport for most of my days......................

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Really, really enjoyed the Olympics, which are truly about National pride. I follow tennis, golf, anything motorcycling and Grands Prix. I can live with big financial rewards for sportsmen who compete as individuals and/or face real danger. I have little interest nowadays for football and silly pay packets seemingly just for turning up. Never could be bothered with cricket.

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