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We used to drink out of that spring as kids. Never thought about it being contaminated or anything. We never got ill, so I guess it was OK! The spring ran down the hill and formed the stream we used to have to jump over to get into the woods. 


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Once upon a time there were two little girls running their hearts out in the South Notts Schools Athletics Championships.  They didn't know each other and went to different schools. 50 years late

In 1951 I spent a month at Pipewood Camp. Whilst there we did a cross-country run around the local lanes. Unbeknown to me someone took a photo of some of us, and this came to light at a Crane School r

Sport never did anything for me, I mean, who wants to run flat out around a track just to be quicker than anyone else ?Then be knackered fterwards ! We did'nt do too much sport at school cos we w

#45. KJ. Just spoke to Keith Waters this morning. Yes, he has a sister named Pauline, born in 1946. She is having a hip replacement anytime now.

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