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As a Photobucket user of a few years I have got quite used to it & don't want to change to anything else. Unfortunately I am running out of storage space on there, (2gb limit) as a free user. Anymore & I have to pay for more storage !

Wandering around the net, as you do, I came across a little snippet of information which in my case was very useful & free.


Download the Photobucket app to any mobile phone & log in to your Photobucket account & your online storage limit is increased from 2gb to 8gb, completely free & gratis. !

Just done it myself & my storage straight away increased !

Save me the hassle of finding another free hosting site !

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There is a mistake in my original post. The increase in storage space is indeed an extra 8gb ! making a grand total of TEN gb  !

I made it sound like a total of 8gb when in fact it is an extra 8gb.

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I could get used to the site pretty quick if they're giving me a TB of space.  Mind you I've only used 300 odd meg on PB.  I think I might have a Flickr acct..  I'll have to check on my laptop.  My memory is about 100 terabytes short. :(

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