Notts County question

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I've just heard part of a snippet on the news this morning in which I thought I heard someone say that "Sheffield FC" are the oldest football team in the world?

Is this true, as I always thought that Notts County were... or are they just the oldest league club in the world?


Whichever is true, who did they play in the first place? Another club must have existed or they would not be able to play a game and thus call themselves a football team??

A bit like being the only boxer in the world?



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Thanks radfordred. An interesting topic to read through. But who did they play in the first match, themselves?

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Sheffield FC is the oldest team in the world formed in 1857

Notts County fc is the oldest football league team in the world  formed in 1862. Notts first game was against Everton and lost 2-1.

Dronfield Fc started playing in the beginning of 1860's ,this is from Dronfield's web site. 

  Al teams played friendlies games before forming the football league in 1888 .                                          

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