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Hi Mike. Welcome to you. Do you remember Ted and Pat Sansome. I drank with them in the mid 60,s. We came to the house on Valley Rd. Was it your parents? 

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Welcome Mr Cranson, You should go to the Rockers Reunion always the first weekend in August at the SHIP Skeggy.

There are not many of us Aces left around, every Thursday night there is a Rockers night at the good old White Hart

at Lenton. Just don't expect it to be like the old days. Although they do have a Aces room with all the 1960's and 70's

photos all over the walls and memorabilia, and loads of Rockers with Ace Badgers on that were not even born when

the Aces were going Grrrrrrrrrrr, soz grumpy old man kicking in. Cheers Paul Ayre. 

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Aye up Mike Graham and Paul just got back in here, been ill for over a year now, 71 in march but not giving up yet! still got a bike only 7 years old newest I've ever had! but not say what it is, got to get a full face helmet and sunglasses before I go out on it come summer,it's on a thursday july 13th this year about 3 in the afternoon till 9pm  so should be down the hart! not going to the Cadland, squadies are still looking for me after a fight there in 1970's

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