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Contemplation of my recent six day visit to Nottm,i suppose is the thought behind this topic.

Mainly using the bus system as a transportation method..i must say even though i find the bus stop diagrams a little bewildering- I did eventually suss out the Jackson pollack from the Mondrian!

The drivers were friendly ( though their brake anticipation) left a little to be desired..and the passengers were respectful of the elderly and Mums with prams.

£3.50p a day ain't bad.

Bulwell was vibrant and brilliant sunshine warmed the market streets on a very diverse market.

The amount of eating establishments was hard to digest ( sorry )..and I wondered if anybody cooks at home anymore?

Saturday morning- i was dying/17 plus rums!! i waddled into the Roebuck 10.30ish for some soakage from the previous nights scoops..the place was mobbed- middle- aged blokes dressed up,families Xmas shopping, pre- match lads,couples and a few getting the cure like me.

Total consumerism.. i feel..maybe Sunday trading reshaped how we an outsider living in a countryside setting- queuing 12 deep for a flat white and cookie is alien!( Compo lives in a similar situation as me,maybe he views it the same?).

Prices were reasonable... though cake slices were to dear for me to pay!

I did both ends and the centre of the grub spectrum: Pierre Whites,Witherspoon, Chippers and even the Sneinton Market caff.

The wheel is turning full circle..that's for sure.

The Mkt Sq.I'm not sure about- those stalls blocking free walking,pork and beef wafting under my dickie drink damaged tummy weren't welcome!..but the revenue to the Council must bulge the coffers eh?

Maybe the seaside and Santa Square money should be spent on Mansfield Rd.and Alfreton Rd. appalling gateways to our city!

I strolled past what was Cottesmore, Gregory St,Burford Rd and Duke St, Brightmoor St.Hartley Rd,Denman St,the Park and all around the Arboretum.

On the whole my old city ain't bad- I did lash out at pavement cyclists- gave and chatted to the Sali Army- embraced a forever changing city and lamented on what was and used to be.

You still can't beat the Moulin Rougue for kebab and chips!

*score 9/10.


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Must have passed by this place hundreds of times.This building was erected in 1805 as a Presbyterian church..called Hephzibah..after only 3 years another religous organisation-

The Universalists took it over.picture_of_building.pngIn 1811 it became The National School, all lessons being taught in the large room .300 poor boys from the area were attending during a varying intervals.

This then closed , a stage was erected and thus became a rough Music Hall...often the Police attended as fights broke out. This was 1854, in 1866 a Doctor purchased the Hall as a Medical Mission and fought to help with cholera.

The founder of The Salvation Army then in turn bought 1879 and was long in their care as a help centre and a venue for Gospel readings.

In 1911 , a Brethern Church took in on ..they were originally from Clumber Street...and named it Clumber Hall.

The name was kept and still acts as a place of worship.

Clumber Hall on High Cross St.

Between Broad and Heathcote St.

Next time you pass it ...give it a once over.

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Thank you for your post Ian, often wondered about that place, like a bit of different architecture, now I know a lot more of the history too !

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Someone appreciated my posts on Clumber Hall..had a lovely reply and invite from them !


God is Good.

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