Vinyl records - collecting and valuation

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@Brew From my 2010 RCRRPG. All prices for Mint.


Rubber Soul. First press. £100


Revolver.£100 or £250, both mono but different stamper numbers on B side. £80 for stereo.


Aftermath £110-150 due to slight cover variations.

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Vinyl is better than any form of digitised music. Everything that was on the original master tape is on the vinyl. When a CD is made the peaks of the soundwave are lost. MP3 is even worse.  The same a

Hi Brew, Yep.. people can get OCD about pretty much anything I suppose...  I try to limit my audio obsession to leave a bit of time for listening to music....    Now.  Electricity supp

#29   I've still got hundreds of classical vinyl LPs. Keep em well away from the Anchor butter!   yummy!

The first LP I ever bought, in 1962, was R&B from the Marquee by Alexis Korner's  Blues Inc., featuring Long John Baldry.

It was a budget release on the Decca Ace of Clubs series retailing for about 23 shillings,  c.f  the more standard 32s 6d for full price LPs. Records were hugely expensive back then relative to earnings.

The record eventually became highly collectable. It has been re- issued on CD and on specilst vinyl by the likes of Mobile Fidelity. Around 15- 20 years ago a mint original fetched well north of £500 as I recall.

My copy has seen many different Dansettes, as well as my 'posh' record player. There is some surface noise now, though remarkably little after 62 years of regular playing and not enough to spoil the listening experience. The cover is far from mint, but not torn etc.

I  reckon I could get £100 for it all day long..


A more accurate price guide than eBay etc.. would be Discogs, which is an online market place for music.


Thing is.. a lot of the youngsters who are now finding vinyl 'trendy' have little depth of knowledge re: the stuff. Many re-issues aren't great SQ and £20 seems to be about the minimum. price for some pretty mundane stuff.

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Just looked at this thread and remembered that I have got a Beatles record (LP) with a mistake or miss-spelling on the record label. I investigated it long long ago and it may have been worth a bit then. I don't know about now. I can't even remember what the mistake is.

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As I recall Malcolm, there are a number of such features on Beatles records. Some are genuine mistakes, some are seemingly just differences. This is often on the sleeve, with details of the sleeve publisher changing etc.

If you can find the LP, I can look it up.

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