12 Pubs of Christmas

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Well the gate's still there but I've not been along the towpath for some years. I used to mountain bike it  twice daily when I was on a health kick and the beach wasn't there then. The Trent is no longer dredged as there is no commercial traffic, so that and flooding, might have had some effect. I well remember the barges and the butty boats. The last commercial traffic were gravel barges from Gunthorpe and before that Whittakers ran petrol barges to Colwick. A friend of mine, who lived by the waterside at Fiskerton, scrounged a ride from Hull to back home on one of these. They moored at the bottom of his garden overnight and had a few pints at the Bromley. He said he was a bit concerned about having a few thousand gallons of petrol outside of his house! The Trent is now a very clean river unlike the old days and salmon have been sighted near Hazleford island.

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I'm sure doing country pubs was called "a bat ' round"..someone in a MK2

Cortina with twin Webber's and Corsair springs would drive us to these places.

They were popular with married folk who were up to no good,the old story though.. further you go...someone you know...so I'm told mind.

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#25 Oztalgian

Been going down that stretch since early '70s on and off. Last time the other Sunday, walking off lunch at the Bromley, still as I can always remember. Not sure what era you were fishing, but a quick shufty at OS maps show the river was wider by the dyke bend in mid-50s, like a slight basin. It had been narrowed by the mid-60s, so an earthwork, possibly sloped had been made. This may have been your, 'beach' which over the years has been bought up to the level of the footpath.


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Thanks to TBI, Cliff Ton and philmayfield, who responded to my query about the "beach" at Fiskerton.

I fished there in the early sixties and remember that you paid the fee for a peg at the Bromley Arms. The "beach" was significantly lower than the path but it was only a gentle slope down to the river and no defined bank. The beach was between the end of the wall around to the dyke and the more normal bank began after the dyke. Just looked on Google earth and TBI you are right the river was wider there when I used to fish it.

Not given up yet as I would still like to find a picture of that beautiful spot from my youth.

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Following on from comments and suggestions, with a little more persistence I have found this site which allows you to look at OS maps from different eras which might prove useful. You can even overlay them on modern satellite images. Exactly as TBI said the river was wider when viewed on the 1 inch 1955-1961 OS map and that width is where my beach used to be. Isn't t interweb brilliant.

For those that are interested this is the link



It is set on Fiskerton but you can search all over the UK and compare with modern images going back to the late 1800's

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I remember doing the Golden Mile around Annesley

Annesley Welfare

Badger Box

Annesley Woodhouse Workingmens Club

General Havelock

Forest Tavern


Cricketers Arms

and back to Badger hic if possible pull in the Kingsway.

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