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38 minutes ago, LizzieM said:

Think Forest will need a goalie too.  What about Pickford if Everton go down?!

From afar and mostly listening to the matches on the steam radio it is difficult to judge the competency of the goalkeeper of any team as the commentary is focused on the outfield players and the 'keeper is only mentioned when he makes a blinding save. The stuff he does quietly, gathers in the crosses or distribution of the ball, let alone his positional skills when placed in a one-on-one situation barely rates a mention. I'll leave that to those that see it first-hand but you could well be right Lizzie, there is much thinking and analysis to be done before we kick off season 2023/24 let alone finish this season.

I'll throw in another point, does Cooper need to change his on-field strategy and his use of substitutes.

I hope that one day I'll be able to make one last visit to see the Reds in the Premier League before the grim reaper catches me as he is chasing me down the touchline, a fair way back (I hope) at the moment but slowly catching up.

How does one go about getting a ticket as it seems that all the recent games are sell-outs? Are some reserved for those of us who may have come a long way for one last pilgrimage? Not forgetting a Nottstalgia meet-up too.

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Football is/was the beautiful game..........nobody loved the game more than me.......played till i was nearly 40....loved Forest and County...........however money took over alot of years ago now....

Just when you thought the world couldn't get any more unbelievable and ridiculous.....   Forest 1 - 0 Liverpool.

Forest in 2nd division......early 50s   Run by a commitee.. Reserves in Midland league.. Trent end 1/6 Players going to Ground on the Bus... Had to take a job in Summer

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A fantastic win for Forest yesterday

Steve Cooper got his game plan spot on. It wasn't pretty to watch but it was certainly effective. The possession stats say it all. Arsenal had 82% but were closed down time and time again as Forest put 10 men behind the ball and fought like terriers to smother the Arsenal build up.

3 shots on target for Forest and 1 went in to win the game.

Forest would benefit next season from a couple more like Gibbs White who was easily man of the match. His speed and skill were what Arsenal were lacking who never looked like a title winning team.

Laugh if you want but the way Forest played yesterday was very reminiscent of several teams who visited Meadow Lane this season. Park the bus and try and snatch a goal on the counter.

I never seen Forest do it at home but yesterday Arsenal could have played until midnight and still not scored.

Ryan Yates is one hell of a defender and home grown too.

Hats off then to Steve Copper who always seems to delivers at the death. I think it's the first time this season that I've seen Marinakis smile.

How Forest got into such a mess this season has got to be down to  the daft and very expensive recruitment policy. I predict a huge clear out and rebuild.

So pleased for the fans who've been loud and proud all season. 

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If it wasn’t for the fact that his team have the best defensive record in Ligue 1, conceding the fewest goals, currently lie second behind PSG, and have qualified for the Champions League, I’d suggest Forest go after the goalie for French club Lens.

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On 5/21/2023 at 11:49 AM, Rob.L said:

If it wasn’t for the fact that his team have the best defensive record in Ligue 1, conceding the fewest goals, currently lie second behind PSG, and have qualified for the Champions League, I’d suggest Forest go after the goalie for French club Lens.

His name escapes me right now!

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As the final whistle has all but blown on league games for season 2022/23 I thought I would add my thoughts for next season.

One play off to be decided


Forest - After taking the lead in the 31st minute with a Taiwo Owoniyi goal they conceded an equaliser midway through the second half to come away from Crystal Palace with a 1-1 draw. Obviously there is a need for a major restructure to ensure progress next season. A goalscorer is a must and some have said a new goalie is needed. Many of the players signed upon promotion will have to go as they have not performed so a fire sale is on the cards.


County - Back in the EFL, fantastic, and I think the current team is well equipped to consolidate itself in Division 2. They may need to add to the current squad but I don't see any major weaknesses. Not sure what will happen if "that man" leaves.


Stags - Looked like definite promotion hopefuls and certain play off participants but patchy end of season form caused them to miss out on the play offs. Clough has signed on again and will need to strengthen the squad and become more consistent to challenge for promotion next season. The local derbies with Notts will be interesting.


Some one line comments on other "local" teams (In alphabetical order)


Chesterfield - County pipped them in a play off final, should be a promotion contender next season.

Derby - Missed out on a play off spot, should be in the mix for promotion next season.

Doncaster - Lower third of table, conceded a lot of goals, could struggle next year

Leicester - Relegated from EPL may struggle in the Championship

Lincoln - Eleventh placed finish with zero goal difference suggests mid table next year

Sheffield United - Automatically promoted to EPL, will consolidate and look to a mid table position.

Sheffield Wednesday - Play Barnsley in a play off final tonight, if promoted, should do OK in the Championship.





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