All going wrong

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Forest in 2nd division......early 50s


Run by a commitee..

Reserves in Midland league..

Trent end 1/6

Players going to Ground on the Bus...

Had to take a job in Summer

Wages £12 per week

Shirts numbered one to Eleven...

Goalie taking 3 steps then belting it down pitch

Full-backs   not wing backs

Half backs......and inside forwards

Sliding Tackles

All standing on the Terraces

Shoulder charges

Tackles from behind

British Players..even Manager who could speak English...

Flat Caps and smell of smoke...

Half time Marching Band...

Shuffling side of Trent after game...

Kids passed down to wall...


Eee i loved FOREST........:rolleyes:


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Forest in 2nd division......early 50s   Run by a commitee.. Reserves in Midland league.. Trent end 1/6 Players going to Ground on the Bus... Had to take a job in Summer

Just when you thought the world couldn't get any more unbelievable and ridiculous.....   Forest 1 - 0 Liverpool.

Football is/was the beautiful game..........nobody loved the game more than me.......played till i was nearly 40....loved Forest and County...........however money took over alot of years ago now....

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Went to watch that other Nottm team on the other side of the Trent with my grandad in the 50s calling in at the sweet shop just outside the ground a lot the players were hanging around talking with everyone Wills, Wylie, Robey, Linton and Hately no security back then it was a pleasure going .

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Yet another loss now ten games without a win!

According to BBC Nottingham only 2 shots in the whole game and none of those on target. Being able to score has long been a problem for the Reds so what did we recruit during the off season....... defenders.

About time for the board and  owner to be changed.

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A second string team hammered 4-0 by Wolves at the City Ground

BBC Nottingham sports report says  

Nottingham Forest boss Chris Hughton: "I am incredibly proud of this young group, who would have been excited when they saw the team Wolves put out.

"We had to rely on Ethan Horvath to make some excellent saves. Two of the goals were quite soft and, without those, it would have been a credible result for a side that included seven academy lads.

"We held them for an hour. I am proud tonight; prouder than I was when we beat Bradford in the first round. We had to work really hard for possession. We will learn immensely from this game."


What is this guy doing? It was an opportunity for the first team players to learn how to work as a unit, gain some confidence and hopefully trigger a climb away from relegation, which i am sad to say at this point in time looks inevitable.

If the first team players do not perform then yes put the young guys in and I would rather them go down whilst gaining experience and building for the future rather than having a team of overpaid failures just turning up without any passion for the club.

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The game against Derby this Saturday is make or break for Chris Hughton. 
If Forest lose the fans will be reaching for their pitchforks. If they win, it will buy him a bit of time to try and get some points under their belt.

I don't think Forest will lose. Past history shows that Forest always manage to raise their game against Derby who aren't exactly tearing up the league at the moment.

I predict a very dull 0-0 draw which will give CH a couple more games to get a win. If he doesn't then I fear he'll be gone.

Who will come in?

On the NP site I've seen suggestions that Nigel Clough would be a good shout and one poster even came up with Ian Burchnall.

I can't see either of these happening but it's fun to watch from the sidelines.

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4 hours ago, philmayfield said:

I hope that Evangelos Marinakis doesn’t hear of RR’s comment. :(

Why?  RadfordRed has more knowledge of the Forest set-up than the big Greek businessman.  

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I don't really follow footie.. but is the owner deliberately using Forest as some sort of Tax loss?

I can't think of another rational explanation for such inept handling

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It must be something like that Col, most clubs seem to carry a debt that would sink a normal business in very short order...

Chelsea are over a billion! in the red.. how the hell do they service a debt that size?

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Another loss, this time at home to Cardiff. I just don't understand the thinking at the club as it keeps signing defenders and defensive midfield players. In order to win you need to score more goals than your opposition yet we have no-one that can score. 5 goals for and 10 against, this ratio is not going to stave off relegation. Unless there are some drastic changes it is going to be a grim year.

Meanwhile back in Mansfield with five straight defeats they have slid from promotion contenders to 20th.

Thankfully the Magpies continue to hold their spot in the play off group and are the only bright point in Notts football at the moment

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I think theres mini leagues within leagues, Fulham, West Brom, Bournemouth off to a fast start, no surprise, nice to see Brentford promoted..

Anybody name a team the benifited from Europa league qualification? Ok..Man United..

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Just read a report in the Post about Forest fans complaining about the lack of cleanliness in certain areas.

One complainant said  "It's for everyone if that makes sense, fans all want to go to a ground and not have to put up with facilities that are not Championship level."

A bit strange when they are still going to watch a team that is certainly not Championship level yet it has the second highest average attendance in the Championship???

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 I wonder if Blilly still has his files.   Seriously a football club owner shouldn't have two clubs we are just a sideshow for Marra . Ive been a supported since 1964 and  the whole set up this last ten year has been pathetic. Well at least no season ticket rise in L 1.

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I feel really sorry for the Derby supporters. Put into administration by a wealthy owner who is only trying to cover his backside and doesn't really care about the club. There's no way they won't be relegated now.

And what about Forest? Can a new manager save them from relegation? It's possible but I fear their owner is just using the club for his own ends.

Mansfield have imploded recently but surely Nigel Clough is a good enough manager to bring them success eventually?

And then there's dear old Notts County. They seem to have come through some very turbulent times and although they have slid into non league they now seem to have responsible and committed owners who with their new manager and players are clawing their way back. You never know Notts might be the top dogs again in Nottinghamshire football in a few years time. I live in hope but seriously wish the others well or there'll be no one left for Notts to play.

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I feel sorry for Wycombe Wanderers who were denied a chance to stay in the Championship due to Derby’s flouting of the rules? 


All we need now two more teams to fall foul of the rules & we'll be safe for this season @ least :biggrin: 

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