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2 hours ago, trogg said:

It seems our Margie was a bit of a tinker in her teenage years , how many aliases did she have and more importantly  WHY?

My friend and I once pretended to be cousins (we gave ourselves different names) for some obscure reason when we were both chatting up a lad.   It was just a bit of fun, really and we managed to carry it off for as long as it took to realise he wasn’t worth the bother anyway!  

Another time, whilst on holiday with another friend in Chapel St Leonard’s , we decided to swap names with each other when we met a couple of lads.  Again, it was just a bit of fun and kept us on our toes remembering to keep up the play acting.

I can’t remember any other names I’ve assumed, but it was a long time ago....

Perhaps I should have gone to drama school?

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