Holgate School, Hucknall - Hospital ?

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Any member's who live or use to live in Hucknall? when moving to live in Hucknall  my two boys went to Annie Holgate school, which was on Nabbs lane  in the ground's before you arrived at the school building was a hut surrounded by Poplar  trees, we were told that this was a hospital for POW in 2nd W/W and afterwards it was used as a TB hospital.

Is their any member who can throw any light on this subject?

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As far as I can remember the hospital was like a wooden hut as on the map, maybe the school was built around it.

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Back when I was in holgate juniors there used to be a hill at the back of the playground where you wasn't allowed. Obviously we used to go up there and one day dug out some broken pottery plates and a blue glass medicine bottle. This caused loads of interest with loads of things being dug up and put on display in the school. That hill is now flat with, i magine, thousands of items found but i dont know what happened to them. Do you think the school saved them?

I remember being told the hill was a demolished hospital replaced by the school.

Also on a side note, if it was a small pox hospital then usually there will be a burial site near by.

I wonder where that is?

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