Indian Restaurant on Maid Marian Way

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@IAN123. Sapna. Brings back memories. I was working in Dollond & Aitchison, Vic Centre late 70's, when the daughter of the Sapna's owner joined as a trainee. She only lasted a few months but as it covered Christmas we had a do there. Very messy.

A couple of years later, I'd moved to Newcastle by then, I took my now wife, with two other couples for a drink round Nottm & food in the Sapna. 

The place was empty apart from two obnoxious public school types. They were giving the waiters grief, saying they had Aids so they'd have to sterilise the cutlery, we ignored them. until they started on us. One proclaimed my mate's girlfriend a "Socialist tart", which happened to be spot on, then one came over to us and said "my mate thinks you are a c**t".By this time I was on my feet & his mate had joined him to repeat his statement.

I got my retaliation in first, twatted one with a right, the other with a left & all hell broke loose. Ended up falling down the stairs to the bogs where the fight continued. My lass had her arms round my waist but I managed to take one right out with a boot to the head.

The waiters eventually broke it up, asked what had happened, mate's lass told him what they'd said about her & a waiter grabbed one slumped up against the wall and started slapping him about the face!

They got chucked out & we carried on dining.

It was only our 3rd or fourth date as well. 

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