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When our son was very young he joined the Church Choir. He loved it. I was one of the parents who made the tea, washed up and looked after the little ones when the choir went to events. I used to list

I wanted to become an airline pilot. I had originally been accepted to do dentistry at university but had a change of heart (didn't want to be looking into people's mouths for the rest of my life!) I

My daughter about 8 years old at the time had an idea that she wanted to learn to play the piano. So she commenced piano lessons at the Frederick Parnell school of music on Derby Rd, being taught by M

Two things I wish that I had the opportunity to do was restore old furniture, as I love using glue, wood stain, varnish and other such substances. The other is restoring old buildings. I love doing things with wood and mortar etc.

Even though three tasks at first seem tedious and boring, I'd love to do bricklaying, roof tiling and restorative stone work.

Oh, I've just thought of another..... Dry stone walling. Although being a nitpicking, pedantic perfectionist, I'd probably struggle to get anything completed.

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