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And my lady consultant said,,""getting the cats would be the best therapy possible""

Three great grandchildren  

Pies beat Stags

21 minutes ago, benjamin1945 said:

Have a nice one beekay,,,Could name me cats bee and kay,,,

Thanks Ben, tell you what, I really think they are good names for a cat and not just because they're my initials.

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I think Margie has the right idea, Ben. You need to meet the cats and get to know them. I've often thought of names for a cat but never met a moggie whom they would fit.


My cat, Tarquin, was only a kitten when I first saw him. He, his mother and his 3 siblings had been rescued from a skip when the kittens were only a day old! I'd like to get my hands on the culprit.


They were around 2 weeks when I first saw them. Mum and 3 kittens were asleep. Tarquin was jumping around, looking very naughty and whacking them all on the head with his paw.  The name just came into my head and I knew he was for me.  Brought him home at 9 weeks and he behaved as though he'd always been here. Just love the naughty boys!

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Yes,,thanks for all the suggestions,, going to wait till i meet them,,they are actually in Hartlepool, someone suggested Hartly and Pool,,the owner going to bring them down asap, wifes already gone out to buy their food.    

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Its you Brithday 


21 to-day 21 to day he's got the key to the door never been 21 befor  


just a practise run for next year.



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Thanks for the kind comments.....amazing Video/x ray watched as the food and drink entered my system...all was well anyway.........dont mind admitting i do have some ''Therapy of the mind also'''' and that went ok too.....At one point i had 4 ladies tending to my needs,,,,they seem to know my likes and preferences........

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