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And my lady consultant said,,""getting the cats would be the best therapy possible""

For you Jill.

I'd much rather go to Brighton than Skegness.  Lively and interesting with good bars and restaurants although the  beach isn't the best.  I think homophobia from a number of you is a major considerati

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10 hours ago, Beekay said:

By my count, that's five Mary.

No , no, Big Ears    date is one word then ENGLAND with score then Sen score  sorry this is only 3 words to me.   NODDY NODDY NODDY

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@mary1947, allow me to elaborate Cherub...

1 Fifty 2 eight, 3 minutes, 4 England, 5 three, 6 Senegal 7 zero

(unless one counts 58 as one word, ie, fiftyeight).

Your servant ma'am.

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