Woodborough Road and a bit of St Ann's.

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On 4/26/2021 at 3:54 AM, Cliff Ton said:


This is a slightly different angle of the same street......(arrowed from the far left)


That must be marple street just off centre of photo where the clump of trees end to the left !

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On 5/28/2017 at 4:55 AM, carni said:

Interesting view Cliff Ton, I have been trying to get my bearings, I haven't studied an aerial view of that area before. I think can see St Augustines Church, but can't see Watson Fothergils Baptist Chapel which I know is further down. Is it the white building, if it is, then I know where I am looking, I imagine that is the school yard next door; 'Or is it'? Thanks for the picture, I keep going back to it, I never realised there were so many large buildings, any idea what the large building about a quarter of the way down on the left side is and the road it is on.

Carni where the st augustines church is , i think the catholic school of the same name is further up the road on the left , i attend there in the 60,s , not realizing marple street was within walking distance .

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I remember a house on peas Hill road got struck by lightning and cause a fire , i also rember walking down Robin hood chase.


Wasnt there another school near st augustines,  something like the Elms ?

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On 5/28/2017 at 3:50 PM, siddha said:

Cannot make out the dome on St Augustine's (Gussies) though I am sure it should be there.

Gussies was on Northville Street with the school just behind and the playground (girls one side boys the other) abutted the church. I was there 1953-59.

In the distance on the right you can see Sycamore Street School halfway up the hill. Don't know what the bigger blocks are somewhere in the vicinity of Dame Agnes Street??

In the far distance beyond Sycamore Street School is the greenery of the allotments these stretched up from Hungerhill  in St Anne's.

Siddha i used to walk up Dame agnes street to get to school at St augustines catholic school,  from Leicester street in st anns , once it snowed very heavy in the 60s,  i remember a milk van skiing down Dame agnes street,  and crashing into a shop window at the bottom , a chemist shop i believe.

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2 hours ago, Cliff Ton said:

Several photos of Marple Street and nearby.



Thank you most interesting,  and nostalgic  !

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18 hours ago, CarriebidaeCarabidae said:

Hi all, 


does anyone have any pictures of Cooper Street, St. Ann's, please?  I was born on that street, and I would like to know what it looked like. 





Do yer remember much about peas hill road , I remember someone saying  house got on fire there when a thunderbolt hit the roof.

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