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Gregg Allman, Steve Marriott, Paul Rogers, Bob Segar, Eric Burdon, Chris Farlowe, Long John Baldry, Jim Dewar, Sir Rod. Chris Rea, in no particular order.

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It's all going to be opinion isn't it...


For me:


Best Blues/Soul /Country singer was Ray Charles.  great ccountry singers also include Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Nanci Griffith...soul singers obviously Otis, Sam Cooke, Solomon Burke, Curtis Mayfield.


Best female jazz singer probably, Sarah Vaughan, but obviously Ella, Bessie Smith, Ida Cox, Billie Holiday are all up there, as also are Keely Smith, Dinah Washington etc.


Best Male Jazz singer Nat King Cole.. with Chet Baker and early Mathis getting an honourable mention.


Best Rock singer?  Depends on era and band.  Hendrix, Jack Bruce, Stevie Marriot and Steve Winwood are all excellent.


Folk/Singer songwriters?  Way too many but Joni Mitchell is tops.  Joan Baez, Sandy Denny, Suzanne Vega, Dory Previn etc.


Opera/Classical?  Too many contenders but I like Joan Sutherland and Renee Fleming.


Unclassifiable?  Van Morrison, Eva Cassidy,


Ask me again tomorrow.... ;)


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Well an interesting line up DJ


I would have included Marvin Gaye in the soul singer group. 

Jazz/Soul Nina Simone

Country/Blues/Soul  Rhiannon Giddens .............check these out 



In my list would be Sathima Benjamin




Like you some of these will be different tomorrow.........and the day after.........?



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Gosh!  Yes.. Marvin Gaye.. and Emmylou Harris..  And Roy Orbison, and Paul Simon.  And Paul Robeson..


There will be many more...

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Roger P. I'd never heard of Sathima Benjamin.  Very interesting character according to Wiki.  I like her voice.


Dave N.  I'm jealous.  You probably already have them, but there's a very good set of CDs in the Original Album Series on Warner Bros.


14 Quid for 5 nicely presented and nice sounding CDs.  What's not to like?  I've also just noticed that theres an Original Album Series Vol 2.


FWIW I also have 'Original Album' sets for Rickie Lee Jones and The Drifters.  Well worth the money.


The 'Original Album Series' covers 30+ pages on Amazon and contains mostly 5 album and some 10 album sets from all styles and all eras.  Some astonishing bargains in there.  Have a look..:,B00LH07046,B00YQIFWGE




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Frankie Miller ! New CD came today. Outstanding voice.

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