Any one live on wimbourne road in 50s 60s

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Hi lived on wimbourne road for 21 years, what a community fantastic place to live ,how lucky were we, i'm Pete stevenso from number 10, be good to here from any one from back then ! cheers Stevo.

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Presumably you are referring to Wimbourne Road in Radford.


I've never lived there, but I have a once-removed connection with someone who did.   A family called Watkinson lived at 37 Wimbourne Road in the 50s and 60s (and had been there since at least the 1920s).  When I was doing family history research I discovered Charles Watkinson was a friend - and probably business associate - of my grandfather.

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I lived on Alfreton Road above our shop and the entry at the rear came out on Wimbourne Road.

I was there from about 1959 to 1969 when I left Bentinck Primary and moved out of the area.


The families I remember on that road were the Halls, the Daleys, and the Pearces.



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Hi there,


Yes I lived on Wimbourne Road at number 43.   I think you Peter Stevenson played for our football team - Nottingham Argyle

Best wishes


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