External Speakers on Laptop

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if you have Bluetooth on your laptop buy a Bluetooth speaker then you will be plugin nothing in? I take my speaker outside when washing the car, bottom of the garden, upstairs etc! You know it makes sense.

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If you want speakers apart from RR's suggestion you would need powered computer speakers.  I don't think there is enough output at the headphone jack to run none powered speakers.

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That OK thanks. I have powered speakers. Just easier to ask here than fiddle around the back of my old desktop to find where they are plugged in. I hadn't thought about Bluetooth though. I will look into finding out if my laptop that when I have had me dinner  :hungr:

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From the HP site for your laptop:


Connecting speakers:

You can attach wired speakers to your computer by connecting them to USB ports (or the audio-out jack) on your computer or on a docking station. To connect wireless speakers to your computer, follow the device manufacturer's instructions. 

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