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Sunday is Ladies day at Southwell , 

What to wear, ask master for a loan of his credit card, reluctantly he handed it over, saying don't spend more than £20 on a dress. Came home with two dresses and a pair of shoes. Not bad for £20.

Need help from members is there any member out there, who can give me any tips on which horse's will win, as I need to put some money  back into master's account.:wacko::rolleyes:

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I once went to Aintree on a trip from Turf Tavern I'd lost £220 before the Grand National, never seen one horse while I was there! 

Went to York races from the Marquis of Lorne our bus had some trouble with some Asian lads from Bradford in the car park, we got escorted back to the motorway before the first race, never seen one horse! 

No tips from me :blink:

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just thought i would add post to this topic instead of starting new one


I just love the atmosphere of the races. 


Due to mobility issues I wanted one last visit to the races for Ladies day. I had missed ladies day at Nottingham race course, So next was Southwell.   Well master had a monk on and said he did not want to go, tried two lady friends but they had arranged some thing for that day, ask Pam daughter in law "sorry its not my thing" ask other daughter in law Nina  will let you know phone call from Nina "would you like to go to ladies day on Sunday? I was over the moon at least some one still loved me. Nina has only been to see dog racing  so it was all new to her. I offerd to pay and told her just bring enough ££ to have a flutter. This time I really pushed the boat out instead of getting £39 tickets we went to the next level  where you get seats and a box picnic only so many people are let into this area, one more thing you had your own toilet WOW!!! This really was living.     BIG BIG MISTEAK  going up a level.

1/  You are no where near the winning post

2/ you have a very long walk to the parade ring

3/  you have only one person on the tote

(for those who don't know what the tote is   you can put bets on and compare to bookies tote   ex £1 00 a bet Bookies bets start at ex £5 00 a bet   if you go £39 there are 6/8 totes

4/Excitement and armosphere     NONE where we were.   


it was a shame as it was Nina's first race meeting I wanted her to have a good time


We went a walk into the £39 and it was just perfect.

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We are regular racegoers and have had shares in a couple of horses, both won races. I hate going to what is called headquarters, the track in the city as it is obvious that they do not want regular race goers. They only want those who will pay silly prices for a "corporate experience" eating pub food at inflated prices and swilling copious amounts of marginal quality beer and wine, again paying through the nose. It is what makes them the most money. Like Mary I would much rather go in as general admission with the punters who have more interest in the races than being seen in the right part of the corporate area. We are members at our local country race track and do have access to the members area but weather permitting we spend most of our time out and about and usually eat at the trainers BBQ to support the club or a local businesses food truck which does great food at sensible prices. We know many of the local identities and have a great time, don't bet too often but a few dollars now and then adds interest.

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