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Result........CT Scans all clear......just got letter..been sweating for a fortnight......

Just got back from QMC again........the last eight days have been a bit Traumatic to say the least,,...blood tests,,X-rays,,and today a visit to a Consultant........cut a long story short......problem

Two years ago life changed forever,,,about this time i was on my way down to the operating theatre for what turned out to be a ten hour operation...........its been life changing in

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Christmas has become a tacky, commercialised spendfest. For many, it's a can't afford it but daren't do otherwise due to peer pressure spendfest.


Christmas, as Dickens points out at the end of A Christmas Carol, is something that the old reprobate, Scrooge, kept from that time onwards every day in his heart. This is what those who identify as Christians try to do.  Getting paralytic, over eating and running up credit card bills has no relevance whatsoever.


I've put this on the wrong thread! :P

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