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It’s a long way to come just to view some measly lights. It’s so dull and miserable all round at the moment that I thought I would get into the spirit of this pagan festival of Winterval and bring joy into the hearts of others. I can’t see it lasting for long though!

It’s the switch on ceremony at 4.30.

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Result........CT Scans all clear......just got letter..been sweating for a fortnight......

Just got back from QMC again........the last eight days have been a bit Traumatic to say the least,,...blood tests,,X-rays,,and today a visit to a Consultant........cut a long story short......problem

Two years ago life changed forever,,,about this time i was on my way down to the operating theatre for what turned out to be a ten hour operation...........its been life changing in

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1 hour ago, Beekay said:

Gem, have you checked your emails yet?

Thank you both, Mum was amazed and delighted, she now wants to send her friends one. So keep a lookout you're on her list.


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Chooks all locked up until further notice. Gave the coup and run a good clean and refreshed with lots of clean litter. Also added a high roosting bar in the covered run. Got to keep them exercised while they can't come out to play. Our free range eggs will now become 'barn' eggs. If all commercial hens are locked up, will free range eggs still be available?

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NO Jill........not yet Ginger Tom getting curious...exploring every room.......pretty Tabby still seems scared and stays behind kitchen cupboards............

                            Left food out lasf night and thats all gone........gonna take time......think they had bad time afore rescue....


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