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Result........CT Scans all clear......just got letter..been sweating for a fortnight......

Just got back from QMC again........the last eight days have been a bit Traumatic to say the least,,...blood tests,,X-rays,,and today a visit to a Consultant........cut a long story short......problem

Two years ago life changed forever,,,about this time i was on my way down to the operating theatre for what turned out to be a ten hour operation...........its been life changing in

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Yes, we had Virgin issues too, which meant that at one point I had to switch to Freeview to get something for Mrs Col to watch.

They seem to be slowly cobbling together their channels now.


In other news, I saw the shiny weather today and decided that I would attempt to scale the forbidding summit of the Billinge Massif for the first time since midsummer.. I decided on the 'round trip', approaching the top via a loop rather than a full frontal assault. 

I 'pre-loaded' with Paracetamol..had lunch and then set off.  Remarkably, I got to the top of the hill with nothing more than bearable pain in the knees. 

As I hauled up the very steep last 50 yards, I was greeted by the sight of a figure in a very big fur hat, and tight leggings, with rather shapely legs.  At first I thought it was a rather tall young girl, until a deep voice declaring 'My God you struggled to get up there', revealed it to be a man.

I explained that my knees were I took in the spectacle before me... He declared "Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.. I didn't know"  'No worries, I replied.'


This chap was very tall.. maybe six foot 4 or 5.  He was wearing a huge fluffy fur 'Cossack' hat, which looked more like a huge 'afro' in shape than a hat.  Next, a mink coloured fur 3/4 jacket in beautiful fur, but something you'd more often see on a female. Next skin tight black leggings, then knee length black socks.  And finally, something resembling a pair of 'Ugg' boots, with a suede finish to match the jacket.


Let's just say the overall effect was 'different'.


We exchanged pleasantries.  He was 57.  I told him I was 73.. a slight exaggeration as I'm 72 and 10 months, but whatever.  We talked about the weather and the view, then he wandered off.

I'm still trying to process what I saw... :blink:


Getting down off the hill was a different matter and by the time I got home I was done...


Pre op assessment for knee surgery tomorrow.

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With a pre-op tomorrow was your expedition really wise Col?.... and please stop playing with the Yetis you know it only encourages them.

Any road up  all the best for later, let's hope it goes well.

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Col, Hope the pre-op assessment goes well.  Your encounter on the mini mountain sounds interesting.  They certainly dressed up for their trek!

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Been for me eye test this afternoon and it transpires that my left eye is long sighted and me right is short sighted. The good news is, I no longer have to wear glasses when driving and don't need any new reading glasses, as I can read better without them. I'm getting a new pair of prescription glasses as a sort of 'belt and braces' which I will use for watching telly if needed. Early signs of a cataract though, but no treatment required........yet !

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Superglue, superglue, with hot liquids, your having a giraffe @philmayfield :crazy:


Yes @LizzieMme Daughter brought me, there will be an investigation, I'm going to check the perpetrators heritage, could have come from the other end of the A52 :angry: 

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Reminds me of a prank I played on the skilled man I was under when an apprentice at the ROF. 'Bob' always made his tea properly in a pot and his tea break was almost like a ceremony. Everything timed, stirred and poured to perfection in his favourite, pristine mug. Unfortunately I knocked it from the bench one day and smashed it. Ooower! Anyway I was able to glue it back together using condensed milk. He never noticed until the next tea 'ceremony' :rolleyes:

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Morning All 

Well yesterday was just NO WORDS CAN SAY 

Went to QMC for a pre-Opp assessment arrived 10-30 was taken into a room by pre-opp nurse. May I just ask a few question's please, Wel never ever have I been ask so many questions, had a couple of opps before but this one beats them. About 1 00pm questions finished but still have to have bloods, weight, height and ECG, arrived home about 4-30 both master and I fell asleep. 

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Thankfully yesterday lunchtime we both received a message from Randox informing us that the Day 2 PCR test we did following our trip to the USA was Negative so we were safe to go to a Charity Ball at the Nottingham Crowne Plaza.  The event was in aid of ‘Care After Combat’ which was set up some years ago by Jim Davidson for ex military personnel who got into a bit of bother and ended up in prison.  It was a great night with Jim on top form, I’ve always liked him although I know he’s not to everyone’s taste!  There was an Auction of various items, including a night at The Dorchester, with dinner, breakfast, spa treatment.  We bid on a day at the Auction House owned by Charles Hanson for a recording of Bargain Hunt, we won and this will be next September and includes breakfast and lunch.  Charles and his wife were on our table, as well as a really lovely knighted, retired Admiral of the Fleet.  It was a fab night which raised an incredible amount for military who have fallen on hard and difficult times.  We’re still suffering a bit of jet lag and didn’t wake up this morning til gone 9 am.

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Picked the wife up from the railway station this morning.........after her Southern Jaunts..........just like Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson we ran towards each other with arms stretched slow motion.........caused a 'Giggle' on the platform...........

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