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6 hours ago, IAN FINN said:

I dont know how to find pm,s not very good with this electonic stuff,hope you enjoy your new car a friend of mine had big Citreon when we were going to the PCFE in the early 60s like the one Maigret had i think it was called a Traction the thing was built like a brick shipyard.


2 hours ago, Beekay said:

Whoops ! Sounds like I've put me foot in it...again.

I use a Samsung tabA or Acer 10" tablets. First I get a notification saying 'someone has sent you a personal message, then I touch the envelope at the top, next to me Avatar. That takes to messages.


I see everything OK when on the desktop..which is where I usually compose my late night diatribes.


I can't remember what I see on my Tab A.


On my phone I too cannot see the Envelope etc. when I first go onto this site.  The trick is to look for the three dot menu in the browser that you are using to access the site.  On my phone it's Google at the moment and the three dots appear in the address bar at the bottom of my phone screen.  Click on the three dot menu and look for 'Desktop Site' click on that, or move the slider switch..or whatever.  That will take you to the view that you get on a desktop..complete with the envelope etc.  On my phone, which is hardly small.. I have to 'zoom in' to see them properly. Zoom in by using two fingers to expand the view on the phone.


If that doesn't work, throw your phone at the wall..stop being so tight and buy a proper PC.  :laugh:

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53 minutes ago, philmayfield said:

Well you are closer to France than to Nottingham so your Gallic behaviour is excusable. :biggrin:


Yebbut his Galling behaviour isn't!!!  :laugh:


Just kidding BK ;)

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Ze nottingham Englais peeps do not appreciate our efforts at ent tant cordial. Just look at the many friends we send over to you, in their petite rubber dinghies. I will take my onions and crepes back to la Belle France.

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In 1965, sometime near to midnight on 15 August or in the early hours of 16 August, my maternal grandfather, Louis, died.


He lived with us and passed away in the beautiful brass bed in which my mum and all her siblings were born. Wish I still had that bed!


The other day, whilst sorting through various papers, I found the receipt for his funeral arrangements. It was only a few pounds. That included a solid elm coffin, fees for the gravedigger and the services of the minister,  hearse, etc.  There was an existing plot in Northern Cemetery, Bulwell. His funeral took place on 19 August which was his 82nd birthday. Only 3 days after we discovered he was dead. In that time, the grave was opened and all arrangements made. These days, you'd be lucky if it was a minimum of 3 weeks...not to mention the cost!


The plot in the Northern Cemetery was for 5 burials. Grandad's was the last. First in were his parents in law, who couldn't stand the sight of him for some reason I've never fathomed. Next was his wife, my grandmother and then his sister in law, whom he didn't like.  Always amuses me how they bury people who didn't get on in the same grave!


The funeral was in the school holidays but neither my older sister nor I were allowed to attend. We stayed at home with instructions to draw back all the curtains, which had been closed since grandad's death and prepare tea and cakes for the mourners.


It was the only occasion on which I ever saw my mother wear black. A colour she very much disliked.


Odd to think all that was 56 years ago.

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I have found the receipts for City of Nottingham Cemetery Fees:


Interment fee reopening an existing grave, in 1947 when grandma died,  £3 5s. Minister's fee 5s


In 1965, when grandad died, interment fee, opening an existing grave £9 15s. Minister's fee £1


Shocking how prices had gone up in 18 years.  I wonder what that would cost today?

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I'm guessing but I doubt £16 would cover a minister's/celebrant's fees these days.


I acted as celebrant at my parents' funerals. Didn't charge a fee, of course!

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When my grandfather died in 1963 he was buried at Wilford Hill Crematorium. I have the receipt for the work involved.


Purchase of Right of Burial......£6/6/-

Deed of Grant......5/-

Internment Fee.....£5/10/-

Total Corporation Fees.....£12/1/-

Minister's Fee.....£1


Total Fees Paid.....£13/1/-



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Baptist Ministers’ Fees vary for officiating at a funeral or a ‘Thanksgiving service for the person’s life.’  I don’t know about other denominations.

Often, if the person was a member of the local church fellowship, then there is no charge but generally the charge would certainly be over £16!

In our previous village, Paul

was an unpaid Pastoral Assistant in the Baptist Church and when the minister died, he (Paul) carried on in this role (now being paid a little for his expenses) leading most of the Sunday services as well as pastoral visiting, Believers’ Baptisms, one wedding and well over 20 funerals.  Many people used to ask him that when their time came, could he please conduct their funeral!!!

As far as I can remember, he rarely charged the relatives anything.  
To ‘do’ a good funeral which is designed specifically for the deceased and their relatives takes a lot of time - making notes on their life given by the relatives, and also giving them support, composing a suitable ‘address’  as well as liaising with the Funeral Directors, organist and/or music group.  Often there would be the service in church followed by the committal at the graveside or Crematorium.  
I know there was several hours’ work involved ….

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3 hours ago, IAN FINN said:

Sure hope you did not have to pay for the meal on the plane nonna.

Oh yes, you don’t get anything free on flights. I would have been happy with a sandwich but they’d run out and the pot noodles were the only thing available. I could only eat a little so my grandson finished it off. What a come down after lunch. We spent the whole 5 days eating fish and that was the best on the last day. Fish like that we can only dream of here in Piemonte.


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Just had my almost daily bike ride.........normally only about a mile...but today think i doubled it......its all part of my attempting to get back to a degree of fitness.....after my illness and hospitalisation last year.......

             At that time i also lost a lot of weight..........i was down to nine and a half stone.....after always being for many years between 12 and thirteen.........even my 'Bobby Moores'' had gone thin.........Anyway decided to weigh myself this morning ..kept putting it off didn't want to be disappointed.......felt i had gained some weight.....but not as much as it turned out...........pleased to say i'm up to my 12 stone target......feeling really good........even my 'Bobby's' are back......might make a to tell someone.....

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37 minutes ago, benjamin1945 said:

........even my 'Bobby Moores'' had gone thin........


I've honestly never heard that before and don't know which part of the anatomy you're referring to.


If it's embarrassing, just give me a clue.

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What a day. Market day and was back home before 9am. Bought 20 kg peppers, 6 kg plums, 3 kg apricots and 2 kg peaches. Roasted and froze 10 kg peppers, plums can wait a few days they are a bit underipe, apricots in dehydrator and peaches think we'll eat them. Still another 10 kg of peppers to do tomorrow. Preserve them with tuna, tomatoes and olives.

Sat outside a minute or two to eat an icecream and got bitten 3 times on my arm. I seem to be a magnet for mosquitoes.

Got a pile of ironing to do but it will have to wait, I'm tired.

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