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Today I am having a lazy day after one and a half weeks invigilating mock exams at a local school.

it was nice to get back to a bit of normality and I felt a bit more confident about it having had my booster before going, however, I still wore a mask especially as the rooms were unventilated. A few of the pupils did to and one of the other invigilators as well. The school didn’t have many cases as well which helped just odd ones picked up by lateral flow tests so that helped.
I must say the kids were a bit more of a handful than last time, don’t know if this has anything to do with the lockdowns but they were certainly a bit more unruly. We did have 2 new invigilators with us who certainly had a baptism of fire as everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I must say I didn’t enjoy it as much as usual, found it a bit stressful to be honest, but hopefully things will have settled down a bit before the next exams. A case of grit your teeth and think of the money which will cover most of the cost of the repairs to my side roof. Got 4 days off now and then just the last 2 exams on monday then the next lot of exams start early next year.
It is a welcome supplement to my pensions, not physically hard although there are a lot of rules and regulations you have to keep up with. Some of the safeguarding has been updated this year which entailed a two and a half hour training session and 4 hours “homework”, but we did get paid for our time. I do have certificates for the courses I had to take to say I passed them which was quite a novelty, been more years than I care to remember since I took an exam! 


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Hiya Ian,

For Christmas I'm going to buy her a crash helmet and bikers gauntlets. Will put some go faster stripes on it ( the scooter that is ).

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Eggheads on channel 5..........Just made my day.........they mentioned BULWELL........a rare moment on such a programme....

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They were asked which city had Bulwell and two other areas (which i can't remember) in it...........

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4 hours ago, Beekay said:

or Christmas I'm going to buy her a crash helmet and bikers gauntlets.

Needs loads of mirrors too

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Bulwell did have a modicum of culture some years ago when it housed the Henry Mellish grammar school. It became a comprehensive, then a ‘sports college’. It went further downhill and was put into special measures. Sadly the fine building was demolished and the last time I passed by it looked like a bomb site.

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Bulwell was the birthplace of one of Nottm's most famous authors, Stanley Middleton, who was also a man of impeccable taste, since he chose to teach me both English Language and Literature at High Pavement. :laugh:





Notable people

  • DJ360  (Born 1949) Idler
  • Our Ben (Born 1940 ish)  Fashion Icon, Ladies Man, Champion delivery Bike Rider.





Meanwhile, today, I made a supreme effort and cut the grass, front and back.  But.. as I tried to apply my Strimmer to the untidy edges of the front grass, it exploded.. launching lumps of orange plastic across the road.  The missiles missed my neighbour and his car, bouncing instead off a steel lamp post with a loud ringing sound... which was interesting..


So. I'm off to Amazon now to find replacement bits....



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Malcolm Starkey...........played football with his brother....who lived on Bancroft street........went to Padstow for a while....

Steve Chettle...

Played football against his first ever Redfearn cup at Springfield ground 1956...St Mary's v Henry Whipple.

Jason and Nicky Booth

Both friends of my Boxing son from way back.....

Malcolm Starkey (again)

Another relative lived on Leybourne (Donold) was a Babysitter for me........still see him in Bulwell.....

Peter Bowles.....

Not born in Bulwell.....but grew up on Kersal drive...near my Grandparents.........went to High Pavement on Bestwood estate....


Raconteur on here......and Political buff.........


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Yes a cousin who we think lives in the same house on Kersal drive.........

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Has everyone noticed, Cliff ton's Avatar no longer wears a mask?

Can one assume that they are doling out booster jabs on Easter Island.

Or am I the last person to usual.  :Shock:

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I admit I'd forgotten I ever did that........I took it off a couple of weeks ago, when I decided that things in general were looking a bit better than they had been in previous months.


And to make it even more topical, I'm having my booster on Wednesday.

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14 hours ago, AfferGorritt said:

Did you know a Pete Hornby at High Pavement, Col? He must have been in your year, or perhaps one above.


Can't say I recall the name Affer..but I struggle to recall my own these days...

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