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Thanks Engineer, now the next thing I've got to learn is, how to make contacts. I sent a test message to my sister in law, but then again, I do have her details, mob, email etc. I assume one needs to swap details.

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Result........CT Scans all clear......just got letter..been sweating for a fortnight......

Just got back from QMC again........the last eight days have been a bit Traumatic to say the least,,...blood tests,,X-rays,,and today a visit to a Consultant........cut a long story short......problem

Two years ago life changed forever,,,about this time i was on my way down to the operating theatre for what turned out to be a ten hour operation...........its been life changing in

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Is Leabrooks still there i went to Alfreton High School the MGO C5 bus went through Leabrooks the bus stop was at 'Doctors Corner' next stop was Somercotes. It took about 45 minutes from the 3 Ponds pub at Nuthall to the Aertex factory at Alfreton.

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Yes, Leabrooks and Somercotes are still there. Somercotes cordoned off last week due to a serious assault in, of all places, the Co-op! Someone pinched someone else's Divi number, I think. Sadly, one person has died of their injuries so it is now a murder enquiry.


Somercotes has changed. The factories, including Viyella, are gone and replaced with the ubiquitous and predictable McDonald's, Aldi and The Range.  Probably looks better when it's covered in snow!

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Facetious? Me? Come now, I wouldn't know the meaning of the word.  I don't honestly know what the incident was about except that it involved four men in the Co-op and one later died of injuries sustained.


Somercotes, sadly, is no stranger to murders. Some years ago, a young woman of oriental connections was brutally murdered on what had been the site of the Viyella factory, standing derelict and overgrown at the time. I believe someone was brought to book for that but it took some time to track him down.

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Is that Woodthorpe Park CF? Thanks for your reply.

Down here we are bathed in bright sunshine with a sharp frost this morning, but nowt else. Might get me BBQ out later.  :rolleyes:

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