roller disco carlton forum, bingham leisure centre

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Wondered if anyone on the site ever attended the roller discos that used  to happen at the Carlton Forum, Bingham Leisure Centre  and West Bridgfored around the early to mid eighties??  Great Times along with some great music,  Saw the same faces every week but with so many of them it was difficult to get everyones names.  

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I went every Saturday night to Carlton Forum. Absolutely loved it; stamp on hand, figure of eight, tea towel in back pocket of drain pipe jeans, Chaka Khan and Rock Steady Crew and those bloody nets they never moved completely out the way around the side, where your stopper could get annoyingly ravelled! Happy days!

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Hi,  I used to marshal & help hand out the sk8's etc etc ... went all over the place in a big white van- also used to do Red hill leisure centre.. Was run by Kevin & Mark Brook's ( Mark was the one who was into Body Building), He unfortunately Died earlier this year, not very old.   Unbeknown to me at the time but I actually met my future wife at the Carlton Disco..  The song "Walking on Sunshine" is now playing in my head------- Thanks

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