Christmas party - Jersey Fabrics / Kapwood

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If its Jersey Kapwood on Alfreton road I'm sure my friends mum must have been at one of the parties. I worked with Elaine Andrews and her mum worked at Jersey Kapwoods they lived in Underwood, did you know that Jersey Kapwoods was demolished ager's ago and they have just removed the tall chimney  last year' 2017

Sorry can't be more helpful.

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I started work in 1966 at Jersey Kapwood Coxmoor Road Sutton in Ashfield,they had just moved some Lace Machines from

Alfreton that time we had a Christmas Present from a owner of the firm(Mirium Kapplewich) she was a Polish Jewess.

i stayed with the firm until 2020,but it had changed hands a time or two by then.


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Used to deliver to the old ladies address in the Park.Rear entrance of course....just like going back in about Upstairs Downstairs....

And they were still using the bells on the kitchen wall to tell the servants when they were needed and where.

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