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Wouldn’t really bother me walking through a ‘Knife Arch’ ..... unless I’d just bought a new paring knife, which is unlikely because our cutlery and knives have been good for 45 years! 
However ..... I rarely go to Asda Hyson Green, I find it intimidating walking past all the beggars sitting outside. 

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These are some of the roads which disappeared under the flats. Whether they could or should have been saved might be debatable.   Forest Street.   Lenton Street.  

I moved to Hyson Green in 1949 as a 4 year old to Craven Street to be more precise. We moved to be near my grandmother and the rest of the Beal family who lived on Berridge Road and Hazelwood Road. It     Some wonderful photos on here, showing those very lights in operation and the old fashioned counters wit

On 2/27/2021 at 10:59 AM, Cliff Ton said:

The opposite side of Grimston Rd (at the top end) I think I remember as always being a house. However, going along Churchfield Lane towards the church there were several shops on various corners, which could've been your cobbler.

The top of Grimston Road at the junction with Churchfield Lane was indeed a general corner shop selling bread, cooked meats, tinned food, cigarettes and sweets. It was always referred to as ‘Hudsons’ being run by Mrs Hudson. It was almost opposite my house and I nipped in there almost everyday to collect something for mum. If it was 10 Park Drive they would be put in a sweet bag as I was underage. The opposite corner, next door but one to us was just a house. That was where the Wrights lived. There were several children all older than me. I recall one daughter, Dianne was a Players angel. There was Stephen, can’t recall what he did. I think the ‘dad’ had a window cleaning round. Going up Churchfield Lane towards St Peters church there was Mills cobblers and a betting shop on either corner of Wordsworth Road and at the corner of Glentworth Road was a beer off and another general corner shop Tolsons. My dad was good friends with Mr Towson and they went to Notts County home games together. My dad bought Mr Tolson’s Morris Minor SBP 154 which seemed very modern after his Morris 8.

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I may have mentioned this story previously but in December 1947, my maternal grandmother was terminally ill with ovarian cancer. Mr John Barr Cochrane had operated on her at the City Hospital. He was only a young man then but would be associated with that hospital for the rest of his career. As is common with that type of cancer, there were no concerning symptoms until it was too late. He urged my grandfather to persuade my grandmother to stay in the hospital due to the pain she would suffer which could be controlled more easily in that environment but grandma wanted to go home and go home she did.


Concerns about the pain were justified and one evening, it was so severe that her doctor was called late at night. His practice was somewhere off Bentinck Road.  Having examined the patient, he announced that either my grandfather or my mother would need to return with him to his surgery to obtain medication, presumably morphine, to ease the pain.


Grandma was very ill and my mum who was only 21 was afraid to be left alone with her mother for fear she might die, so she volunteered to go with the doctor. By now, it was the early hours of the morning. The doctor took my mother back to his surgery in his car, dispensed the medication, leaving her to walk down Radford Road and back to Bobbers Mill on her own.  She often recalled that night. Her mother died 48 hours later.


I asked her whether she wasn't afraid to make that journey on her own, on foot, late at night in the dark. She said she felt quite safe and was more afraid of staying with a dying patient.  Just goes to show how the area has changed!

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