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I knew it, as it is a regular quiz question. .... Googling........ How very dare you !

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I mentioned earlier today my youngest daughter's habit of writing odd odes about the issues of making tea in our house back in the 1990s. Thought I'd share one with you anyway.  I've always been

Having always liked tea I took a visit to a tea estate whilst in Sri Lanka in 2015.  The foreman told me that I should never buy tea bags becaause they are made from the poorest quality leftovers from

I've always had a sneaking suspicion that the war of 1776 was not because America wanted independance, or because they call King George a mad fat chump, nor was it their refusal to pay more tax withou

And I don't even drink tea,never have never will, but Mrs P is a tea a holic if there is such a thing and I'm the one who makes it for her



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Strangely enough, until Ben mentioned Pioneer Stores, I'd completely forgotten about great aunt Emily's references to it. It always struck me as odd that whilst my mother would refer to The Co-op, Emily always referred to the 'Stores'.


She lived in Garden Street from the 30s to 1965, so there must have been one nearby, although they had a car. From 1965, she lived on Beechdale Road and, presumably, there was one within striking distance.


She may have shopped in Nottingham. She and great uncle George visited Nottingham every so often and always called in at The Blue Bell on Parliament Street!

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I mentioned earlier today my youngest daughter's habit of writing odd odes about the issues of making tea in our house back in the 1990s.

Thought I'd share one with you anyway.  I've always been picky about tea but I'm not as black as I'm painted here. :biggrin:


January, 1994


The steaming tea-cup was set down,

Twas Father’s nightly “fix,”

All was perfect, peaceful, still,

Til his first sip started the Tea Wars Six.


The cup didn’t move, but Father’s eyes

Glared over the rim at Mother and me.

Slowly, slowly, he set the cup down

And said, “There’s no sugar in this tea.”


My father, I must explain at this point,

Likes lots of sugar in tea.

Mother drinks hers plain and strong,

But Father must have his spoonfuls three.


I started to chuckle and Mom to protest,

But Father was adamant and firm.

There’s no sugar - this tea just will not do,

To the kitchen you must quickly adjourn.”


I know I put sugar in it,” Mom complained,

As she rose and picked up the tea.

There’s none in it now,” my father said.

Please, quickly fix it up for me.”


But wait!” my father sprang quickly up,

This has happened too often before.

There must be something you’re doing wrong,

I’ll fix it - it will happen no more!”


So Mom led the way to the kitchen,

With Father storming behind,

I picked up my book and trotted along,

Curious to see what Father would find.


Mom put the tea-cup down on the counter,

Father peered over her shoulder to see,

She picked up the sugar-bowl, inserted the spoon,

One spoonful, two, and finally three.


Now I have seen my mom stir tea,

One quick swirl and it’s done,

I knew that Father wouldn’t approve,

So I waited, pen ready to record the fun.


But Mom was being careful now,

And she stirred and stirred quite steadily.

Father’s eyes narrowed as he watched the spoon.

I don’t know what the problem is,” said she.


Father cleared his throat and said,

The problem’s obvious to me.

You’re the problem, it’s clear to see,

To me and any connoisseur of tea.”


You’re not stirring clockwise!” my father cried.

Counter-clockwise is wrong you see!

No one stirs tea that barbaric way....”

He continued raging and Mom shrugged at me.


Clockwise?” she asked, clearly quite puzzled now.

I can’t see that it would change the tea.”

Tea must be stirred clockwise!” my father cried.

So from now on you must stir it clockwise for me!”


And Father’s rule stands firm at our house,

You’ll see it any day,

Mother looking confused, but contrite,

Stirring tea clockwise, Father’s way

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Actually she's always wanted to be a writer.  She has a couple of books on Amazon now.  If you are interested just do a search on Amazon books for the name 'Stobbe'.   Christine.


I'm not shilling for her, honest.  :).  She doesn't even know I posted the tea war.   She wrote six of them.  You may have noticed that was #4.  She passed them on to me after she married and left home.  I have kept them on my computer.  Her portrayals of me make me look like Hitler.  I assure you I'm not really like that and my wife and I both used to laugh over the tea issues.  

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I've always had a sneaking suspicion that the war of 1776 was not because America wanted independance, or because they call King George a mad fat chump, nor was it their refusal to pay more tax without representation, No sir,no no no, it was because they dumped all our tea in the bloody harbour! Asking for trouble that was...

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I liked the way you answered Loppy in your last post Brew but I didn't give you a like because I don't like tea therefor can't agree with it being nectar of the gods    slywink




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Just curious KJ and this is off topic so I won't be in a huff if you don't answer.  Did you take out US citizenship or are you still living on a green card like me?  Did you find them hard to get along with in immigration when you came back?


I've had both.  Some are like the Gestapo, a ton of questions and a hard attitude.  Others really friendly.  Last one at the US Canadian border really friendly and said welcome home.

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On the subject of tea......years ago when we still lived in Nottingham we came down to Liguria on holiday. When we arrived at our appartment we were all gasping for a cuppa so on went the kettle and tea was brewed.

Milk and sugar was salty. Thought we'd put salt in instead of sugar so on went the kettle again. The same thing happened. We then realised that the tap water was salty, which used to happen fairly often around that area. After that we always used bottled water and I still do now. 

I have tea sent out to me with orders from British corner shop. I dont like italian tea or the way they make it in bars. The water isnt boiling , they use it from the coffee machines. I like it fairly light but no sugar but if I'm offered tea black I take sugar. 

When I first started work my boss brought me a cup of tea and at the same time she was asking me various questions. I said no to the one " do you take sugar " instead of  saying yes . I got the questions and answers mixed up. I didn't dare to tell her otherwise as she was a bit of a dragon. Half the time the tea was stewed and it went down the sink, but I've not lost the habit of not taking sugar . On the other hand I don't drink much tea. I fill a mug but never finish it. 

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What you need PF is a half pint mug of good strong Yorkshire tea, milk and one sugar. Guaranteed to make a corpse smile, put hair on your chest and cures every ailment known to man, honest it's true!

If i don't have a cuppa first thing the day is ruined. Storms gather, the sun won't shine, dogs growl at me, mothers hide their daughters and nothing will go righ't

Have to agree with KJ though, most of the holiday resorts around the Med use Liptons and it's %$$%%&%$


Ooer look what you made me do, spot the feral apostrophe.


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46 minutes ago, NewBasfordlad said:

I'm a tea connoisseur, I love the way SWMBO makes tea, any way she makes the tea it's........... safer that way:rolleyes:

Opposite way in our house. tell hubby he makes tea better than me........job done .

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Late wife made lovely tea.  (I'm not saying the current Mrs L doesn't). But she's American.  Born and raised here so was not taught the finer arts of tea making.  First wife was a Nottingham lass.  Born in Gateshead but shipped to Nottingham at a very young age.  Expert at tea making but occasionally she might take a short cut, like putting half and half cream in it or some such.  That's when a Tea war would break out. :biggrin:

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I ALWAYS make the tea in our house, as madam always makes it too strong, and too milky. It's like sick.

I put bag and one sugar in the cup. Boiling water, then ten stirs, and top up with skimmed milk accordingly. Job done !

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Loppy, we took out citizenship 7 years ago, but kids still on green cards. Surprisingly, they did not ask us to give up our British passport, only the green card.

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I like a decent cuppa, but only at the right time.  In the morning I have instant coffee.  I would prefer 'perky' coffee, but it often disagrees with my sensitive constitution.  :rolleyes:


After a couple of coffees, the rest of the day is Tea.  I've weaned myself down from 2 sugars to 1/2 sugar.  I'm the only tea drinker in the house so I dispense with the pot, but I warm the mug.  I pour boiled water into the mug and leave it for about 20-30 seconds.  Then I pour it away, put in the teabag and the sugar and top up with freshly boiled water.  Takes a minute or so and a bit of stirring to get to the medium strength I like.  Then a drop of 'semi skimmed' and it's done.

I can't stand oversweet, stewed or lukewarm tea.


Ohh!! When it comes to 'steri milk'.. do they even make that abomination now?  Even if they do.. it's not welcome in my house... Disgusting stuff.

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Folks in the UK National Insurance office told me that even if you take citizenship of another country you still do not forfeit your British citizenship.  So I suppose if It took citizenship I would be an American / Canadian / Brit.  I value my Canadian citizenship.  I want to be buried there next to my first wife when that day comes.  They probably realize here that they cannot force you to give up your British passport as legally you are still a UK citizen.  Only thing I can't do here is vote, and I really don't want to anyway.  So that's no problem.

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Col..... Sterilized milk.  Horrible stuff, but I grew up on it.  That's what my mum seemed to like.  It wasn't until I got onto regular milk once I was out of the house that I realized how much better tea tasted without the 'Stez" as me mam called it.

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