Michael McIntyre

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31 minutes ago, Mess said:

I see owd Michael McIntyre was robbed by hammer wielding thieves on mopeds pinching his 50k watch while he dropped his kids off at school, wonder if they pinched his joke book?  

Few observations. Pictures show the poor lamb parked (along with the police car) on double yellows. Big black Range Rover cannot deal with a moped? Common sense, that's all. Michael Caine, when he lived in South Stoke, used to drive into Goring in an old Montego Estate, and the most expensive item he ever wore was a battered felt hat. Rolexes should be worn only when your minder is around.

Anyway. I'm off now to take my old Raleigh and my Timex to Wilkos at Clifton. Will keep my eye out for mopeds (might buy a decent watch from them).

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On ‎3‎/‎23‎/‎2018 at 11:06 PM, woody said:

So Michael McIntyre thought it was funny to sneak in on Andy Murray and wake him up, pity he didn't jump out of bed and hit him between the eyes. If that is comedy it is news to me, it is people with no talent acting the fool. They say he was a hit in America, they are welcome to him. As soon as he appears on the screen I change channel.

That must be a misquote. More likely he was hit in America, not A hit in America.

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I’ve never heard (or seen) this guy.

James Gorden however is very big over here, he has a late show and other things. 

To be honest i’ve seen him for perhaps half and hour so I have no real opinion.

But good luck to him if thats what people want 

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