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Forgotten how to post an image...


I have a Mapperley Plains Class photograph, possibly 1957, Mrs Williamson's class, but the system seems to have changed since I last posted as even links to pics on my own website aren't  now showing.





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Nay, Jill. You joined Nottstalgia!

So your cousin was a fairy!!    My Brownie uniform was also a brown dress and a yellow tie which we had to fold and tie at the back like that.  We had to wear a brown beret as well. i've posted a

Taken in 2004.       Quite a lot of older images from free hosting websites seem to have disappeared, so the older links don't work now, which is a shame, when looking

Posted Images

Many thanks for that.  I could name several people on that photograph, even though they are a year younger.


Funnily enough, if that was 1957, I can't remember us having our class photograph taken, with Miss Brooks as Mrs Williamson took class 2 and Miss Brooks class 1. 

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One of Dad's 'habits', was keeping a diary, and from 1946 - 1952, he also kept tiny diaries for me,  2.5" x 4" in old money, which he passed on to me before he died.  When it comes to Mapperley Plains, those of my age may just remember their earliest teachers, one of which was Miss King - class 2, mentioned earlier.


But, I think she must have joined about Easter 1952, as up until then, we had Miss Horton, who left to return to work in a hospital - according to the diary.  Anyone else remember her?


As an aside, image links I posted some time ago, no longer seem to be working, even though the website on which they are hosted is my own. Strange. 

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4 hours ago, Socram said:

As an aside, image links I posted some time ago, no longer seem to be working, even though the website on which they are hosted is my own. Strange. 


How did you actually post those images ?  You seem to have been using a website called


Either you've moved your originals, or Tops have messed up their system.

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On 6/17/2019 at 9:47 AM, Socram said:

Not sure who you are C22s Tailgate!  Give us a clue!


Andy Wood, along with John Williamson and myself were all three Queens Scouts through the 110th Mapperley Senior Scouts.  Andy Wood was my age (24th March birthday as I recall!!!) and had an older brother, John and a younger brother and sister. Simon & Jane.  Dad (Paul) had EMSEG signs - who at one stage were located above H Tempests, School Photographers, in the Meadows.  Andy drove us to the Queens Scout ceremony at Gilwell Park and that was the first time I'd been on the M1 motorway.


Andy & John went to CLW as did John Luff and Suzette Fetcher, who lived on Haywood Road.  There were others, but I can't remember who else went to CLW. 



My Dad Alf Mason was the Group Scout Leader of 110th Mapperley Scouts and my brother Peter Mason was a Senior Scout there too.   Do you remember Peter Mason?   For a short while I helped run the Cubs, along with Ray Green.


Both Peter & I went to Mapperley Plains School, Peter would have been from 1953 and myself from 1957.  I definitely remember the block of toilets, they were 'sanctuary' in chasing games.  I also remember the smell from the buses revving their engines parked at the side of the playground - I am sure we were being poisoned with carbon monoxide!.  The teachers name I remember is Miss Hebden, I did find her a bit intimidating.

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