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Swe62, After you've copied it, go to the reply box you want on   Nottstalgia and 'paste' it.  On the iPad, this is done by holding your finger on the screen until a little circle appears showing the word paste.  Tap 'paste' and your copied stuff will appear...

On a laptop it's maybe different?



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20 hours ago, swe62 said:

hi Cliff Ton spent twenty mins trying to send photos to flickr to no avail I hate computers

If using flickr , try the following. (am assuming your images are already uploaded onto your "photostream".)


These instructions are for laptop/desktop....cant get flickr to do much on my smartphone !


From your photostream , click on the image you want .

When image is loaded look on the bottom right for a down-arrow and click on it.

From drop-down menu click on "view all sizes"

Now right click on new image and select "view image"

This should open up the image in a new tab . The url should end with a suffix .jpg

(Nottstalgia will only accept the image if the URL ends in .jpg)


Sometimes copying and pasting that .jpg URL straight into the Nottstalgia reply box brings up the image or other times you have to paste the url into the "insert other media" box.


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