Top of Woodborough Road - Mapperley

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18 hours ago, Brandon said:

Which raises the question, was Jessop the architect associated with Jessop & Sons, now John Lewis, or even Rhoda Jessop of Hollygirt School.


I don't think Bernard Jessop the architect was connected to Jessops the retailer .


Bernard Jessop architect was born Kimberley c1889 and was the son of Bernard Ross Jessop born Sheffield .

1901 Census they were living at Bank Cottage , Kimberley . 1911 Bernard Jessop was an apprentice architect in Dorchester Dorset .



Zebedee Jessop born c1828 , retailer,  was originally from Swineshead Lincs . 


Haven't checked on Rhoda Jessop !

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On ‎5‎/‎25‎/‎2018 at 9:29 AM, Brandon said:

I remember being a little taken aback to hear that Dr Foy listened to Radio Luxembourg - I didn't expect frivolity from such a pillar of society, 

Dr Foy's daughter Vivienne was my Scottish Country Dance partner at ACHS.  I believe she also became a GP and married another ex ACHS Pupil.  A regular attender at the occasional mini-ACHS reunions.


Before the newer houses were built on Maltby Road, at the Somersby Road end, we used to dig build dens, build little fires in them and try and cook baked potatoes - with very little success I might add...   

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Found these crumpled contractors.dsc07149.jpg1940's Plumber.mapperley-palethorpe-plumber-1940s.jpgAlso on Kenrick.dsc07137.jpgPeels covered all angles.dsc07148.jpg

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When we got married 1965 we move into a flat  in Alexandra park replaclng a couple who then moved into a nice new house up the road on the old brickworks,we were invited there for tea.I remember saying to them I was a bit concerned about the garden situation or  lack of it  because of the mud on the slope,I was right heavy rain the next day and mud went in the front door and out the back,well i did warn them......

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After celebrating the Queen's Coronation, June 2nd 1953, there was a fancy dress line up at Mapperley Plains School a day or two later.  We were all presented with a small bible to commemorate the event.


I can name a few:

2nd left - Ballerina Jean Lightbown I think.  They moved away before finishing school. 

4th left - Nurse 1 - Judith Severn, I day younger than me...

5th left - Nurse 2 - may be Janice North? 

8th left - Tahitian maid - Sasha(?) Osborne

9th left  - 'Little Boy Blue' - Green...

12th left - Cowboy - Pete Scales

Far right - Pirate - Alan Marks



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