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When I moved to Hucknall in the 70s there was no by-pass, there was a small zoo which Sunday afternoons my two boys and myself would visit. No Robin Hood Line or Trams. Still had Rolls Royce Test beds, allso Hucknall Miners Wellfare, Nabbs lane and first house's were being built, Nabb Inn was no-where to be seen, but enough of this nostalgia!!! just a minute though when we went to live in Hucknall, it was in the pipe line that Hucknall would join up with Bulwell NEVER SAID THE FOLKS !!!! but it has. This is a long way round my post but just putting member's in the picture. Now my two son's still live in Hucknall, master and I moved about 10/15 years ago, went to visit son's   V  Annesley Bypass and saw lots of buildings being put up. Any way looked in the local rag  and found out 800 house's are being built along with new school's doctors sergery ect ect. Came home V Watnall road now, nolonger a straight rd but,  a road with two island's. I did not reconise it.  It was on the card's that the High Street was to be paved over, in the 70s this was already late as it should have being done 5/10 years earlier.

Linby and Pappelwick were villages the way it's going they too will become part of Hucknall.

The Tram has a lot to answer for.

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