The Bonnington Bosch.

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On the 23rd September 1917 a daring escape took place of 23 German prisoners of war in the county of Nottinghamshire at Sutton Bonington

internment camp.

The POW's dug a tunnel and gathered supplies for their escape, but luck was not with them and they feared being noticed- thus failing to put much distance from the camp.

Six of them were caught on the outskirts of Nottingham-two were found asleep in a wooded area... worn out by walking.

A further three were arrested at a railway station, Tollerton school children raised the alarm after spotting Cpt.Muller blackberrying in Tollerton woods.

Gotham police found two more...playing cards under a hedge in East Leake!

These two men didn't really want to escape and when captured, told the full story, over a period of three months they had tunnelled 50 yards- when escaped they split into separate groups, heading for the coast...

hoping to escape on tramp steamers.

By the fifth day a total of 18 had been recaptured, Chesterfield police caught more on the 30th September attempting to hide .

Apparently conditions were very good for these POW,s Captain Muller had been in command of the Emden..a raiding cruiser that bombarded HMS Madras which sunk  in 1914.

The night patrols and roadblocks worked well in capturing these swiftly, 3 were caught near West Bridgford loaded with sardines, milk and bacon.

Eventually all were caught,in fact only one German made it to his home country throughout WW1.



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Many POWs were allowed to wander the city streets freely, but not in large groups My mam told us.

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Is that the agricultural college now?



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Think so Rog...another Nottm Uni 

aquirement...be in Timbuktu next!

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