Ancestry and FTM migration

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Ive been researching with Ancestry for years along with 2014 Family Tree Maker on desktop PC. I recently bought a laptop Mac and then  bought the newer version of FTM 2017. 

I think I made the mistake of not updating 2014 on old pc instead of going ahead with new version. 

Having installed version 2017 then migrated 2014 to Mac, after everything was transferred I found all families etc were mixed up. My quiry is ...has anyone else had this problem. I am getting it sorted out but still a long way to go.

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Difficult to say without being there to look at everything, but here's one possible explanation for your problem.


When you started on your "desktop PC" was that a Windows computer ?  So everything you'd started on Family Tree Maker would be formatted for that system. If you've now tried to transfer it to a Mac laptop, it may not be totally compatible because a Mac operates in a different way.

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thanks Cliff Ton

If I remember correctly there were 2 versions of ftm to install and I chose the one that was compatible (windows) I am now beginning to think that I didn't update it before I installed 2017 ftm. The trees I have were updated last time I used them but maybe that wasn't enough. 

I had a lot of trouble at the beginning as everyone belonged to a different family and as all trees they all belong to the same family, if you understand what I mean.

Anyway whatever it was or is I'm gradually sorting it out. Also as I'm doing it I'm discovering other info which can't be bad so maybe after all it was meant to happen.

Many thanks anyway and if I discover what happened I'll let you know.

Again it took days and days to d/l all the trees so maybe the programme was sorting itself out. Who knows.

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