Mansfield, Sutton or Kirkby.

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I've always liked Mansfield.......the folk are different but not in a bad way,, worked there quite a bit Vernons,,(ex marsdens) Queen street,, Farrands Church street,,both in the 60s,,obviously did a

About 13 yrs later yes i was Mick........was there when it was converted to self service, remember being stood in the first aisle manning a broken biscuit stand ,gabbing to all the ladies who had prob

Talk about thread drift! Mansfield to Netherfield is about 17 miles but interesting comments nevertheless

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No Answer,,,was the stern reply.......that Vernons shop,,i worked a fair bit early 60s.....not that busy,,don't think lasted long.......funny thing is...i still remember some of the lovely people that worked there..........Keith Ward,,lived in Kirkby....Val Curtis...lived in Blid'uth and not Forgetting the lovely Christine Mather off Hibbert road,,,oh yes and a nice 'Gay lad'' who wore leather gloves when filling shelves or even handling money,,,things don't really change much do they.........he might have wore a mask

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On 9/20/2020 at 7:28 PM, benjamin1945 said:

Here it is cliff,, 

Thought we had another picture of Vernons...Queen st Mansfield..

2photos back or

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12 hours ago, benjamin1945 said:

Vernons...Queen st Mansfield..

It was a strange place for a "supermarket" very little passing foot traffic in that area. The big Co-op was at the other end of Queen Street where the buses to Sutton and Pleasley left from

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