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One of my favourite poems, written by that little known Nottinghamshire youth, George Gordon Byron, is The Vision of Judgement. It deals with the arrival at the pearly gates of King George III who, as

I looked at the chulla Member offline tag today with great concern. Unfortunately my fears were confirmed. I did not know until today. Never knew his real name. The shock of learning about his death t

We thought the service for Chulla was quite fitting - and it was good to hear more about his life from his friend David.  You spoke well, too, Katyjay.  It was good to see so many Nottstalgians there

I have already given my condolences to Dave's family but I will add that I'm glad I made the effort to attend the meeting in January when I visited Nottingham.

I spent most of the day with Dave and Linda and as usual Dave was very talkative about so many things. He was an avid follower of ancestry and gave me quite a few tips when I was stuck over something. 

Like most I agree he will be sadly missed.

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Chulla made many contributions to Nottstalgia, but perhaps his greatest was to bring order and sense to organising meet-ups.


In the pre-Chulla days, meet-ups took weeks to organise - if they could be arranged at all - because nobody could ever agree on dates and locations - everybody wanted something changing. Chulla took hold of the subject by the scruff of the neck and devised the system of fixed dates and places. 


From that time forward it was a case of “this is the time and place; be there or miss it”. And from then on, all meet-ups went according to plan and were a great success. That came about through Chulla’s ability to organise and arrange a rabble of different people.


So we can remember him as someone who brought Nottstalgians together in the real world, as well as on-line.

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I'm so sad to read this - never met Dave but we exchanged emails every now and again.  He seemed a lovely man, with many interests and there will be a big space on this site.  Condolences to his wife, daughter and Katyjay  x

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I’ve just heard from Chulla’s wife, Linda, and she asked me to let you all know that he really valued your friendship.  She will let us know the funeral arrangements ‘if anyone wants to attend’.  I’ve told her that he had many friends on Nottstalgia and quite a number will want to say farewell to a lovely man. 

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I've been out all day and only just read this sad news.  I always enjoyed the conversations I had with Chulla, and although we disagreed on some things, we never ever fell out about it.  He was obviously a 'thinker' and his poems had a depth that showed this.  I feel privileged to have known him, and both Paul and I send our condolences to Kath, Linda and Barbara.

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8 hours ago, katyjay said:

It is with much sadness that I have to tell you all, that Chulla passed away last night. If you would like to send a card of condolence to his wife Linda, and daughter Barbara,  the address is 36 Portree Drive, Rise Park, Nottingham NG5 5DS. I have no funeral details as of yet, but will keep you informed.


I've not been on NS that long, but I was struck by how thoughtful and wide-ranging his topics were. 

Condolences to his family.


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This is such awful news.  I am deeply saddened.  Obviously my condolences to all of his family.


I think Dave was one of, if not the first 'Stalgian', I met.  He was open, friendly and instantly likeable.  We shared a bus back up to Rise Park after one of my first attendances at a Meet Up, with him helping me to grasp the changed geography of what to me used to be 'all fields'.  We had quite a few conversations via the site message system, where his wisdom and humanity shone though.  Also met with Dave a couple of times in the William Peveril in Bulwell, over breakfast with our Ben and once with Katy.


I will remember Dave as a cheery, enthusiastic, funny, intelligent and knowledgeable man. Occasionally a bit 'spiky', because he knew his own mind.  But never enough to fall out.  


In other words.. a friend.


I shall miss him.


RIP Dave.


I hope no one minds if I post this.  It's how I remember Dave.


28613866900_698c620046_c.jpg011 by colin berresford, on Flickr



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Woke up this morning to the very sad news that "Chulla" has passed away. Being in Australia I never met him but somehow felt that I knew him through this forum. I would have loved to have met him and had a chat, alas not to be.

I will miss his posts about old movies, classical music, poetry and his knowledge of engineering and aviation related subjects.

I had the good fortune to meet Katy and her husband on their recent visit down-under and to her, Dave's wife and daughter and all his friends and family I extend my deepest condolences.

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I am very sad to read of this news,Dave was a lovely person who I had the privilege of meeting on several occasions both at the meetups and one to one,

Rest in peace Dave



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How sad to here of the news that our friend chulla has passed away he will be sadly missed.

My sincere condolences to Linda, his Daughter Barbara and Kath. RIP Dave.

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My sincerest condolences Kath.

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So sorry to hear of his passing. A lovely man who contributed much to this site and its members.

Always a pleasure at the meet ups. Will be fondly remembered by all.

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One of my favourite poems, written by that little known Nottinghamshire youth, George Gordon Byron, is The Vision of Judgement. It deals with the arrival at the pearly gates of King George III who, as some will know, was considered a bit potty! What? What?


Its opening lines have been running through my head since the sad news about my friend The Dalai Chulla yesterday and I've thrown together a little tribute to Nottstalgia's Poet Laureate making sure, of course, that it rhymes!


A Vision Of Chulla


St Peter sat a-dozing by the celestial gates.
His keys were rusty and the lock was dull.
So little trouble had been given of late;
Not that the place by any means was full....


Then, one March morning, Chulla rang the bell.
St Peter jumped, sprang up and thundered "Well?
What dost thou want? You've gone and woke me up!"


"Just landed... from Rise Park. Ay up, me duck!"


St Peter peered into the newbie's face: "Seen you before, my lad, I'm sure.
You're one of them there monks. Likes wearing robes and sitting on the floor.
Clear off! We don't allow your sort in here,
Unsettling Catholics...and drinking all the beer."


"Shurrup!" the newbie snapped. "It isn't true.
I am no more a Buddhist monk than you.
It's all malicious gossip, lies and rumour.
Young Sparrow's got a twisted sense of humour."


"Ye gods! Don't mention her name in my presence.
She's barred for several lifetimes as a penance
For pulling people's legs," St Peter quoth.
"If she's a friend of yours, then b*gger off!"


"She's not - and my name's David, by the way.
I've been quite well behaved, if I may say.
Not done no harm and always raised a laugh.
Now be a decent chap and let me pass."


"Oi, just a mo," the Saint replied, "we haven't mentioned Sin.
You need to be deserving, Dave, you can't just muscle in.
For instance, can you offer any skills or erudition?
Up here, we have high standards. Must consider my position.
That idiot, Lord Byron wants a poetry competition!
There's Shelley, Donne and Betjeman already in the queue.
Does that sound like a project, Dave, that might appeal to you?"


"Not arf," quoth Chulla. "Just you let me at it, sire.
I think you'll find my verses never failing to inspire
Unlike the rhymeless rubbish writ by Sparrow, Bard and Blake,
Wot don't make any sense at all, for pity's sake!

I could set up a social club, of sorts, 
With film shows, slides and singsongs...just a thought.
Or an instrumental evening, don't you know,
With music by Ravel...his Bolero
A goodly crowd would draw...
And keep that pesky Sparrow from the door!
For, as you say, her sort would lower the tone."
"A  dreadful girl!" growled Peter, with a groan.


" In actual fact," sighed Chulla, "I've got a lot of mates
And they're none of em spring chickens, so they're headed for these gates.
There's FLY and Rog and Catfan...and Mrs Catfan too.
There's me sister and young Loppylugs, who'll bring a hound or two.
And not forgetting Nonna or Bubblewrap and Ben...
Though he's so busy with his women, he's not due til 3010!
Then there's Carni, Trogg and Lizzie, not to mention NBL,
The Pianoman and Cliff Ton: they're all getting owd as well.

So I was thinking, Pete, it might be sense to make some preparations.
A well-stocked bar, some easy chairs and, for the decorations,
Some scanties clad in mini skirts, just dotted here and there,
So Ben knows he's in Heaven and he's not been sent 'Elsewhere'!


The saintly Pete was grinning now and nodded to confide
That the place had got so boring, he would happily have died...
But since that was impossible, twas time for something new,
Yet the inmates can't be bothered: they just lounge around and stew.

"I was going to place an ad in The Celestial Equerry
For an Entertainments Officer cum Booking Secretary
But since you've pitched up, Chulla, it seems we've found our man.
Your friends don't sound a bad lot...but the Catwoman is banned!
We'll supply you with an office, a desk, a chair and phone.
You've earned your wings, youth! Step right in and make yourself at home!"


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Quite the poem Jill.  10 out of 10.  Loved the bit about the hounds.  Actually I have three already there.  Fred, Sam and Solomon.  Gonna be a real barkfest or should that be Bach.

Anyway you have put a smile on the face of all of us after this sad loss.  I'm sure Dave would approve.

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