Suicides I have known

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3 hours ago, Brew said:


A friend  found out a couple of day ago that Mary Bickley was his great,great aunt. The three girls and their sad end came to his attention through a genealogy site that sent him a notification of a possible match.

I thought it could have been my wifes tree that generated a notification but have just checked and for some reason,  I haven't listed Mary on her tree .

So must be 2 lots of distant relos on my wifes side ! .

I'll add Mary and see if I get pinged :)

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My sister in law almost died with taking a cocktail of pills. Fortunately my brother in law found her still asleep and had a job trying to wake her. She was taken to hospital where she was kept under surveillance for a while. She s a very hard worker but was pressured into doing what should have been a mans job ( heavy lifting ) her immediate boss bullied her. She now walks miles alone along with her music in her ears and it seems that its all she lives for that and Karaoki. But shes happy and still talks about the stupid thing she did.

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Although I’m not sure that this thread is one to keep adding to because there could be (are) members here who will find reading the comments very upsetting due to suicide being too close to home, however I’ve known a few people who’ve gone and done it.  
One being a handsome young man in his early thirties, a good friend of my sons. He had everything going for him …. lots of money, a successful company, a loving family and loads of friends, also a pretty girlfriend who found him hanged.  
Another one, a tragic 70-ish man who took himself off into the Lincolnshire countryside and put a hose from exhaust into his car only  couple of weeks after his wife had passed away. He essentially died of a broken heart

Then more recently, a lovely hard-working chap we used for work on our house, he would tackle anything.  We had unsuccessfully tried to contact him earlier this year to do a job for us.  After a few weeks I checked the obituary website to discover he’d passed away a couple of years ago, it turned out that he’d hung himself in his loft, for his wife to find. I imagine he had money worries.  
All very sad and absolutely awful for those left behind and having to deal with it. 

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