The Wing Hanger at Hucknall Aerodrome

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I’ve been asked to help out a group who are trying to save what’s left of Hucknall Airfield, in particular, the Wing Hanger which is a very unique structure and under threat of demolition – the aim is to save the hanger and turn it into an aviation museum.


I’m sure many of us have fond memories some of us will have memories of being taken to the air displays at Hucknall, or even hearing/seeing the Vulcan bomber that was stationed there. At the moment they’re looking for people to support the campaign, there are a couple ways of doing this - if you're on Facebook could you like/share the page or, if you want to have a more hands on approach, follow the volunteer links on the website - links below.


Facebook link -


Website link -

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I’ve flown into Hucknall airfield many times some years ago. It was just a few minutes trip from Tollerton into Hucknall, directly over the city. I would certainly support the campaign as it would be appropriate to have an aviation museum to record the airfield’s interesting history. I still meet up with some of my old flying friends from the Sherwood Flying Club at Tollerton so I will pass the message on. When I lived in Woodthorpe in the 60’s I well remember the Vulcan turning onto finals over the house. Some of my school friends from Hucknall actually saw the Flying Bedstead in operation. I also rember the P1, Lightning, tracing out a rather obscene contrail diagram in the skies above the games field at Mellish!

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